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Why you should give two toots about Faceboo...

Oct 20, 2015No Comments

Facebook seems to be on a "new feature" binge lately. The latest feature however, is actually useful for entrepreneurs and marketing gurus.

instagram for business

Follow this account to up your Instagram ma...

Oct 20, 2015No Comments

If you’re not using Instagram to market your products and services and connect to customers, you’re already way behind. Here's how to catch up.


Do we love a bargain when made aware of the...

Oct 20, 2015No Comments

A social experiment conducted by Fashion Revolution went completely viral and for good reason. If you haven't seen it already, you must.

like list

Likelist automatically stores the photos yo...

Oct 19, 2015No Comments

Keep track of your double-taps, revisit all your favorite photos and never forget the name of that gorgeous hotel your friend stayed in that one

youtube city council

Court rules against city suing resident for...

Oct 19, 2015No Comments

Remember the man that was sued by the city for posting a video of the City Council to YouTube? It may surprise you to learn

perfect profile pic

How to take the perfect profile pic

Oct 18, 2015No Comments

The profile picture has become the standard by which we measure ourselves, our colleagues, and even future employees. So how do you make sure it's


How to get the cash that LinkedIn probably ...

Oct 06, 2015No Comments

LinkedIn has agreed to pay out $13M to many users, and you may be entitled to your share. Here's how to collect.

social media

Traditional vs. digital media consumption r...

Oct 04, 20151 Comment

Social media consumption is on the rise and the trend is expected to continue according to the latest report from the Global Web Index.

holiday shopping

How this holiday shopping season will be mo...

Oct 04, 2015No Comments

With the holiday season right around the corners, marketing analysts are already beginning to predict what the shopping season will hold.

facebook notes

Facebook Notes revamp rolls out to everyone...

Sep 30, 20152 Comments

Facebook Notes was hinted at recently, with no clues as to when it would launch for all, but the day is here. Hooray?


News flash: Not all Millennials are hooked ...

Sep 29, 2015No Comments

Millennials are thought to be obsessed with social, but a new study reveals a waning interest. Time to consider your approach to marketing to this


SmarterQueue schedules social media with a ...

Sep 27, 2015No Comments

Social media scheduling is nearly as old as Twitter, but SmarterQueue is in beta, claiming to offer a new twist.