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Pinterest hops on the e-commerce trend with...

Jun 29, 20151 Comment

Pinterest is the latest social media platform to hop on the e-commerce train. Here's what you need to know to maximize your pinning power.


Reddit: free speech or time to tighten thei...

Jun 29, 20151 Comment

Reddit has long been known for its open-sourced free speech platform, but is it time for them to revise their policies to crackdown on racism?


Facebook allowing user to use Messenger wit...

Jun 25, 2015No Comments

The Facebook Messenger app has been subjected to quite a bit of negative feedback from avid Facebookers now, you can use it without a Facebook


What are Twitter’s new “Dedicat...

Jun 25, 20152 Comments

Twitter recently announced several new features, one of which is "dedicated pages." These pages thrust Twitter into the e-commerce world, but why now?


Locowise launches Instagram analyzer, a mus...

Jun 16, 2015No Comments

Analytics are a valuable tool for any social media marketer. Now, you can get insight on your Instagram account as well.


What is LINE and why is it the fastest grow...

Jun 09, 2015No Comments

With all the chat apps on the market, how can a brand differentiate itself? Japan-based LINE has one answer and it's working like magic.


Google+ launches Collections: think Pintere...

Jun 02, 20151 Comment

Google+ recently launched Collections; their answer to Pinterest's organization and Facebook's live feed of information, but will it prove useful?

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Pinterest science: when to post, how often,...

May 27, 20151 Comment

Pinterest can be an impactful tool for any social media marketing plan, so get the science behind the most successful users' strategies.


Our privacy gets violated because we no lon...

May 26, 2015No Comments

If we don't expect privacy from social networks or credit cards, is it realistic for us to expect them to protect our privacy?


Facebook Messenger app adds video calling, ...

May 20, 20152 Comments

Are you ready to take video calls from your clients via Facebook Messenger or talk to your kids at college through Facebook? The time is


Datayak is in beta to help ease your frustr...

May 19, 20151 Comment

Datayak is currently in beta to not only give you analytics on your marketing efforts but offers actionables, helping you to improve and know what

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Even big brands are losing Facebook Likes, ...

May 18, 2015No Comments

As Facebook continues to change, even the biggest of brands are losing Facebook Likes, so how can you keep your own numbers from slipping?