digital trends

New study reconfirms that most apps are dow...

Oct 01, 2015No Comments

How many apps do you have on your phone right now that you've downloaded and forgotten about? Us too. A new study reconfirms this growing

google project soli

Google’s Project Soli brings sci-fi t...

Oct 01, 2015No Comments

Using super fast, ultra tiny, very reliable radar technology, Google's Project Soli is bringing Minority Report to life and we're all drooling about it!


MailRoof: Find lost customers in your exist...

Sep 22, 2015No Comments

MailRoof is about to be in beta to help you reclaim lost ground in your email inbox and find lost connections easily.

frankie and albert

Frankie and Albert is the coolest monthly s...

Sep 22, 2015No Comments

At Frankie and Albert, you take a quiz, and they go to antique stores and ship you a box of unique finds matching your profile,

faa drone rules

Drone laws are changing – know the ru...

Sep 21, 2015No Comments

Drone laws are changing nationally and locally - know before you throw (that drone in the sky).

cloud computing

City of Chicago sued for taxing cloud use b...

Sep 21, 2015No Comments

Is Chicago leading the way by leveraging taxes on locals for cloud computing and streaming services like Netflix? Is it legal?

digital trends

10 questions you should ask yourself about ...

Sep 19, 2015No Comments

Mobile security is a concerning topic for brands of all sizes, so an expert tells us the top 10 questions you should be asking yourself.


Study: Most brands not equipped to track th...

Sep 14, 20151 Comment

If most brands, small and large, are not able to fully track the customer journey, what's the next step?

obi worldphone

Obi Worldphone: what the hell is it and why...

Aug 31, 2015No Comments

Have you heard of the Obi Worldphone? With a former Apple CEO leading the charge, many are calling it a game changer.


If your business relies on any suppliers, y...

Aug 27, 2015No Comments

It can take a lot of time to call, email, fax, and track your suppliers, but Komodo tracks it all for you and saves you

perch app

Perch, a two-way webcam monitoring app you ...

Aug 19, 2015No Comments

Do you have a spare laptop or smartphone laying around, not in use? Turn it into a security camera for your home or office, without

ifttt pocket

IFTTT recipes for Pocket are an avid reader...

Aug 18, 20151 Comment

IFTTT is the internet's duct tape, making services play nicely together that normally won't. If you're a reader, the service can help streamline and customize