Visually stunning Timeline tracks your proj...

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Like marking a child's height against the wall, watch your team's projects grow with Timeline, a new app that syncs with your calendars, Google, and

typing coding programmer

Kickass programmer without the resume to pr...

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Improve your coding skills, ramp up your programming portfolio, compete with others and impress yourself on HackerRank. Best part? It could land you a job.


Oh dang, the Rumblr app was a hoax and now ...

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It turns out that Rumblr was a hoax - how did they pull it off, and why did we all fall for it?


HixMe reimagines healthcare benefits under ...

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How one healthcare company has found a way to privatize Obamacare, make employees happy, and keep HR from melting under the stress of sifting through

super logout

Super Logout logs you out of 30 sites insta...

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Super Logout logs you out of 30 sites instantly with one click, great for public computer use or getting your Gmail on at a coworker's

customer discovery ninja

Customer Discover Ninja has people call YOU...

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Customer Discover Ninja has launched so you can get feedback about your idea, product, or service. No hunting, just talking. Genius time saver!


Type A’s, rejoice: Wunderlist is a to...

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Get everyone on board with today's action items, including your significant other, with Wunderlist, the collaborative to-do list app.

vizio smart tvs

Vizio smart tvs giving advertisers your vie...

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Vizio smart tvs are different than their competitors - here's how they may be selling you out, putting your privacy at risk.


CloudMagic is the minimalist solution for y...

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Not only does it sync with just about any productivity tool, CloudMagic also simplifies your work flow and doesn't keep you chained to your desk.

big data

Quick overview on where “Big DataR...

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No more nodding and smiling, pretending you know what people mean when they refer to "Big Data". Read this and join the club.


BuzzSumo is the marketing tool you need to ...

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Marketing is key for your brand - BuzzSumo is a tool that helps you find influencers, target your audience and see how you stack up


Anyone marketing anything must understand t...

Nov 09, 20151 Comment

Just in the last year, bio-data and wearable technology usage has increased by a staggering 58% - is it a fading trend or here to