obi worldphone

Obi Worldphone: what the hell is it and why...

Aug 31, 2015No Comments

Have you heard of the Obi Worldphone? With a former Apple CEO leading the charge, many are calling it a game changer.


If your business relies on any suppliers, y...

Aug 27, 2015No Comments

It can take a lot of time to call, email, fax, and track your suppliers, but Komodo tracks it all for you and saves you

perch app

Perch, a two-way webcam monitoring app you ...

Aug 19, 2015No Comments

Do you have a spare laptop or smartphone laying around, not in use? Turn it into a security camera for your home or office, without

ifttt pocket

IFTTT recipes for Pocket are an avid reader...

Aug 18, 20151 Comment

IFTTT is the internet's duct tape, making services play nicely together that normally won't. If you're a reader, the service can help streamline and customize


Could Makerbase be a LinkedIn killer for th...

Aug 16, 2015No Comments

Makerbase is like the IMDB of tech creations; could it inadvertently put a dent in LinkedIn's market share?

project pingback

Project Pingback algorithm finds buyers for...

Aug 05, 2015No Comments

Project Pingback will soon launch to bring Twitter leads directly to you, so get your converting skills fine tuned, it's ready to do some business!


SayQuick allows site visitors to leave you ...

Aug 04, 2015No Comments

Text and email can be impersonal, so site owners now have an option to let people leave voice messages with one click. SayQuick helps better


PocketRocket emails you one story a day so ...

Aug 03, 2015No Comments

PocketRocket was born to help you peer pressure yourself into being productive about your reading, and it works.


Churnspotter is a client retention machine ...

Aug 02, 2015No Comments

Churnspotter has launched in beta to know your customers' moves and retain them more effectively.


Which productivity tools are actually used ...

Jul 19, 20153 Comments

Productivity tools are a dime a dozen, so what are successful people actually using in their business that works, and why?


Seeflo: watch videos of how people interact...

Jul 19, 2015No Comments

Find your site's user experience (UX) weaknesses quickly with Seeflo which offers video of real people interacting with your website.


Canvas: beautifully improve internal commun...

Jul 19, 2015No Comments

Canvas, a new tool by Austin startup, puts a new spin on the humdrum of internal communication and it's absolutely awesome.