Which productivity tools are actually used ...

Jul 19, 20153 Comments

Productivity tools are a dime a dozen, so what are successful people actually using in their business that works, and why?


Seeflo: watch videos of how people interact...

Jul 19, 2015No Comments

Find your site's user experience (UX) weaknesses quickly with Seeflo which offers video of real people interacting with your website.


Canvas: beautifully improve internal commun...

Jul 19, 2015No Comments

Canvas, a new tool by Austin startup, puts a new spin on the humdrum of internal communication and it's absolutely awesome.

square cash $cashtags

$Cashtags by Square makes it way easier and...

Jul 15, 2015No Comments

$Cashtags kicks payment options like PayPal right in the junk and makes it all so much easier and cheaper, even if a recipient doesn't have

history of the internet

A fun, brief overview of the History of the...

Jul 15, 2015No Comments

The History of the Internet is fascinating when you take a bird's eye view of the timeline - here's an extremely concise view to give


Ugly Email: See which emails are being trac...

Jul 12, 20151 Comment

Ugly Email has launched as a Google Chrome extension that shows you which emails are being tracked so you can better protect yourself.


Periscope updates iOS app to address some u...

Jul 08, 2015No Comments

Periscope, the fan favorite of live broadcasting apps these days, has issued some subtle updates that users will appreciate.


Lawtrade launches Larry app: Get legal advi...

Jul 08, 20152 Comments

Get legal advice 24/7 with the Larry app, just launched by Lawtrade, perfect for entrepreneurs and small businesses.


Compensate app is a new way to hire an expe...

Jul 07, 2015No Comments

Compensate is a payment clock requiring mutual authorization, allowing you to hire an expert for a few minutes or a few days. You agree upon

streamus music

Streamus: Streaming music has evolved, this...

Jul 05, 2015No Comments

Streamus marks a new era in music streaming as the industry swings from torrents to iTunes, and now we're seeing some real tech innovation.

google cloud platform

Google quietly rolled out GitHub competitor...

Jul 01, 2015No Comments

Google is gigantic, so when they launch a competitive product in the market, they have a shot at overtaking the smaller guy, but can they

facebook facial recognition

Facebook facial recognition doesn’t n...

Jun 26, 20153 Comments

Facebook's facial recognition algorithm has improved so vastly that it knows you by your body shape, pose, hair, and other data points - has this