hiring concern

Survey: Digitally-savvy staff is Executives...

Dec 01, 2015No Comments

Executives are no longer concerned with keeping up with the most recent technology, but instead keeping their staff up to speed with their systems. What

ifttt microsoft

Automate the hell out of Microsoft with the...

Dec 01, 2015No Comments

IFTTT is a great way to increase productivity and make your most important apps talk to eachother and cooperate. These are some of our favorite

roommate screening

Avoid the weird drama and screen your poten...

Nov 17, 2015No Comments

What if you could know, before ever signing the lease, that your new roommate has been evicted twice for not paying rent? This amazing website

young tech executive marketing

Which technologies are marketers focused on...

Oct 26, 2015No Comments

Which technologies are currently working for marketers, and which do they intend to use more of in the next year?


Beef up your sales funnel with inflowlive, ...

Sep 06, 2015No Comments

Just going into beta, inflowlive sends out emails to site visitors that fail to complete any form, increasing your chance of converting. Magic!


ERIDA: There’s a new drone in town an...

Sep 02, 2015No Comments

Drones are quickly becoming the hottest new piece of technology and ERIDA is no exception. Take a look and see why ERIDA is one of


Uber is now worth $50B, can they sustain th...

Aug 27, 20151 Comment

Uber is now worth a reported $50B, and they've made major strides, but are they innovating too quickly? Will they be able to sustain this

google hangouts

Google Hangouts improvements mean more stab...

Aug 20, 2015No Comments

Google says they've been obsessing over fixing bugs, and improvements to Google Hangouts mean it could finally be more stable and reliable.

starbucks touch case

Starbucks testing out phone case that pre-o...

Aug 16, 2015No Comments

Starbucks Japan is testing out a phone case that acts as a pre-loaded Starbucks card - will it succeed and spread to our shores?


Loccate launches in beta, lets the whole te...

Aug 14, 2015No Comments

When your team is both remote and in-office, locating a staffer can be tough, so having everyone check in using Loccate, at a glance, you


Knocki makes any surface smart by listening...

Aug 13, 2015No Comments

Knocki launches to make any surface smart by listening to how many times you knock on the nearby surface, and it then triggers any number


Scientist that dreamed up fake Minority Rep...

Aug 12, 2015No Comments

The movie Minority Report and Iron Man had incredible futuristic computers, and we all wanted them, and now they're becoming real. For real!