google cardboard

Could YouTube “Cardboard Mode” ...

Dec 16, 2015No Comments

YouTube already rolled out the Cardboard Mode for their videos - and now it's ready to use for their games. Grab yourself a pair

youtube extension

This new Chrome extension allows you to pla...

Nov 24, 2015No Comments

SidePlayer, a new Chrome extension, allows you to watch a tiny hamster nibble on broccoli while responding to a particularly critical e-mail from a client.

youtube red

What will YouTube Red be used to stream; ho...

Nov 02, 2015No Comments

What are the prospects for YouTube Red - who will use it and what content will be popular? Will it take off as expected?

youtube red

YouTube takes a page out of Spotify’s...

Oct 25, 20151 Comment

For a few bucks, YouTube will nix ads and offer offline viewing, but will the public buy in, or are we already conditioned to tolerate

youtube city council

Court rules against city suing resident for...

Oct 19, 2015No Comments

Remember the man that was sued by the city for posting a video of the City Council to YouTube? It may surprise you to learn

magic actions

Magic Actions plugin is a must for any YouT...

Aug 19, 2015No Comments

Magic Actions is a free plugin that augments your YouTube experience and adds functionality that doesn't naturally exist.

youtube city council

City actually sues local man for posting cl...

Aug 05, 20152 Comments

A YouTube user uploaded clips of city council meetings, just as thousands of others have, but he's upset the city, so they're trying to sue


Facebook looks to appeal to YouTube users, ...

Jul 12, 2015No Comments

Facebook makes a play to attract YouTubers, but will their efforts put a dent in Google-owned YouTube?


Facebook versus YouTube: who’s really...

Jun 18, 2015No Comments

Facebook and YouTube have both opened the gates to viral videos, but who's really on top? The social media giants go head-to-head in a video

school of life videos

How one YouTube channel can inspire and mot...

Apr 12, 2015No Comments

With so many different channels on YouTube, it is hard to decide what to watch. School of Life is definitely a channel worth adding to

youtube ad

Ad makes you think twice about clicking ...

Aug 03, 20141 Comment

(Business Marketing) Is it possible to make people refuse to click the "Skip Ad" button on YouTube ads? One ad agency thinks they've figured out


VidSpoke: $20 customized YouTube videos for...

Jun 24, 20142 Comments

(Business Marketing) Create personalized YouTube videos by selecting a VidSpoke spokesperson to record your own customized content.