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Google is going to start blocking sites wit...

Feb 10, 2016No Comments

Google will now start blocking websites that that make you do things that you wouldn't normally do by using deceptive content or ads. The blocking


ShowGo allows you to binge watch your fave ...

Feb 10, 2016No Comments

Nothing's more pathetic than finding yourself 25 episodes into your favorite show by yourself, burning a hole in the couch mid-Saturday afternoon. Well, the creators


Why Microsoft is setting up shop on the oce...

Feb 09, 2016No Comments

Microsoft’s inner workings have always been a beneath-the-surface campaign. However, recent advancements in technology may be taking the digital superpower to greater depths—literally.


Why are so many developers leaving the App ...

Feb 09, 2016No Comments

Many dissatisfied developers wish Apple would pay more attention to the Mac App Store. If the developer attrition from the store continues, Apple might be


AT&T files to test 5G in Austin: can t...

Feb 08, 2016No Comments

Recently, we covered Verizon's ambitious plan to launch into 5G wireless. Now, AT&T has hopped on board. They've filed a plan with the FCC to


Whitestone is changing the future of music,...

Feb 08, 2016No Comments

The creators of Whitestone see a great opportunity to “bring back album art and create rich online experiences that are auditory, visual, and interactive.”


The real reasons not everyone is buying Int...

Feb 04, 2016No Comments

I always wonder just how much interaction with the internet do we really need? Is it absolutely necessary for me to talk to my coffee


Cocoon Cam is a baby monitor on tech steroi...

Feb 03, 2016No Comments

Cocoon Cam, a new video and wellness monitor is a noninvasive, non wearable device that allows you to keep up with baby without all the


Hey! Vina: Matchmaking app for ladies who w...

Feb 01, 2016No Comments

After graduating college, one of the first things females notice is how hard it is to make new friends and stay social once they’ve become


Basslet: The bracelet that transfers bass v...

Jan 28, 2016No Comments

What if I told you there was an new listening accessory that takes listening to music from just another hobby, to a truly immersive and

font flame

Font Flame: Tinder for fonts (and they̵...

Jan 28, 2016No Comments

Tinder for fonts. You heard that right. Jan Wennesland, creator of Font Flame says that her site “ambitiously tries to solve a problem most typography

digital trends

Sponsored data is the newest threat to net ...

Jan 27, 2016No Comments

More mobile carriers are implementing sponsored data programs, though it saves customers money, in the long run it could seriously undermine net neutrality, give mobile