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SlidesCamp offers pre-designed slides that ...

Jul 28, 2015No Comments

SlidesCamp is about to launch in beta and offers a library of searchable PowerPoint templates you can customize, and that aren't 1997-esque. Genius!


Chirp consolidates all of those annoying no...

Jul 25, 2015No Comments

Chirp is a start-up that consolidates your sites’ notifications into one page, making multiple-app or site visits a thing of the past.

gmail snooze

Snooze button introduced to Gmail messages,...

Jul 20, 20151 Comment

Google has recently introduced a new feature that lets you take care of your time or date sensitive messages at a later date. Have you


Two new tools to help boost your productivi...

Jul 20, 20151 Comment

So many times during the day we get distracted by other things; from email to phone calls, distractions tank productivity. Here's two ways to stop

scales of justice

Supercharge your legal knowledge with these...

Jul 19, 2015No Comments

If you frequently freelance, you absolutely need a comprehensive legal contract. If your funds are tight, these tools are great places to start.


Seeflo: watch videos of how people interact...

Jul 19, 2015No Comments

Find your site's user experience (UX) weaknesses quickly with Seeflo which offers video of real people interacting with your website.


Canvas: beautifully improve internal commun...

Jul 19, 2015No Comments

Canvas, a new tool by Austin startup, puts a new spin on the humdrum of internal communication and it's absolutely awesome.


Payy lets you receive money anywhere you ca...

Jul 19, 2015No Comments

New platform will allow you to request payment anywhere and everywhere you can add a link. This could shake up mobile payments, especially for freelancers.


Why all website owners should know about th...

Jul 17, 2015No Comments

The ease of accessibility of information through online channels can lead to increased business scrutiny, especially where nudity is concerned.

Ways People and Businesses are Making a Splash on Social Media in 2014

Tung seeks to make podcasts more social and...

Jul 16, 2015No Comments

A new startup is responding to the idea that social podcasts are not only popular, but a part of our lives that are becoming more


Pushdot: Share your contact details instant...

Jul 16, 2015No Comments

A simple and easy way to personally share your contact details with those you know or are introduced to is what the new app Pushdot

history of the internet

A fun, brief overview of the History of the...

Jul 15, 2015No Comments

The History of the Internet is fascinating when you take a bird's eye view of the timeline - here's an extremely concise view to give