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email marketing

Could desktop email be better for you than ...

Oct 07, 2015No Comments

If you've been using the same email service for years, consider this: You could be using the wrong option.


Five ways a busy millennial uses tech to st...

Oct 07, 2015No Comments

Staying productive is a huge challenge, so what are people that grew up with an iPhone in their pocket do to maximize their day?

netflix vr

Netflix deal means a VR headset might actua...

Oct 06, 2015No Comments

We all dream of owning a VR headset, but with nothing to watch, why pony up? A new deal just inked by Netflix means the


Bitcoin gift certificates are now available

Oct 05, 2015No Comments

Bitcoin is still around and still waiting to be adopted by the masses. The latest app hopes to help with this by letting you sent

google project soli

Google’s Project Soli brings sci-fi t...

Oct 01, 2015No Comments

Using super fast, ultra tiny, very reliable radar technology, Google's Project Soli is bringing Minority Report to life and we're all drooling about it!


Total-Apps turns your Facebook videos into ...

Oct 01, 2015No Comments

Facebook has long been hailed as the place to be if you have anything to sell and a new tool could make Facebook a marketer's


Sneaky new feature on Apple’s iOS 9 c...

Sep 30, 2015No Comments

Apple's latest iOS release has created a bit of a stir and not for the usual reasons. A new feature may be burning through data.

office 365

The new Microsoft Office 365 is actually wo...

Sep 27, 2015No Comments

Microsoft has had some hits and misses, but the new Microsoft Office 365 might be a hit - time for a second look.

gmail block

Gmail offers block and unsubscribe for web ...

Sep 25, 2015No Comments

Gmail recently introduced a new feature allowing users to block and unsubscribe from emails with a few simple clicks. No third-party app needed.

frankie and albert

Frankie and Albert is the coolest monthly s...

Sep 22, 2015No Comments

At Frankie and Albert, you take a quiz, and they go to antique stores and ship you a box of unique finds matching your profile,

faa drone rules

Drone laws are changing – know the ru...

Sep 21, 2015No Comments

Drone laws are changing nationally and locally - know before you throw (that drone in the sky).

cloud computing

City of Chicago sued for taxing cloud use b...

Sep 21, 2015No Comments

Is Chicago leading the way by leveraging taxes on locals for cloud computing and streaming services like Netflix? Is it legal?