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Blue Mail is a snooze button for email, creates a to-do list

April 18, 2014

blue mail

Snooze button for email? Done with Blue Mail

If you have ever started your day by opening your email and finding it completely full; you will appreciate Blue Mail. Blue Mail helps you manage your inbox by making your emails actionable so you can take care of what is really important without the fuss of searching for items you have missed.

Blue Mail lets you “snooze” emails so you can be reminded of them later. This will automatically create a to-do list from your emails and when you finish handling an email, you can quickly mark it as “done,” to get it out of the way without deleting it.

You can also reach “zero inbox” by setting smart filters. When you reply to an email, you can choose whether it will be marked for you automatically, to “done,” so you no longer have to see it in your inbox/outbox.

Blue Mail works with almost all email providers

Blue Mail supports Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, AOL, iCloud, Office365, Google Apps, Hotmail, and Live. It also supports others such as, Yandex,, GMX,, Hushmail, Zoho,, and QIP. You can ad as many email providers as you like, so you can manage more than one account at a time. There is support for Microsoft Exchange via IMAP protocol; however there have been several reports of glitches and bugs with this particular protocol, but it may be resolved in the next update.

You can also configure custom IMAP/SMTP mailboxes, as well as support for push mail. If you are worried about Blue Mail processing your data, it is always encrypted to protect email communications and secured information. They use leading industry protocols to secure and protect your data at all times. This allows you to sync from multiple interfaces, and see everything in Blue Mail.

The only drawback is there is no desktop application at this time, so if you want to see your Blue Mail while you are at your desk, you are out of luck. Currently, Blue Mail supports both Android and iOS; both available as free download in their respective app stores.

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