BrightNest coming to iPhone: sneak peek

March 16, 2013


BrightNest to launch on iPhone this weekend

As younger generations prefer mobile in larger numbers, and older generations are jumping on the bandwagon faster than many expected, brands are analyzing how their brand fits into the palm of consumers’ hands.

BrightNest is one of those companies going mobile, and AGBeat got a sneak peek at what they have in store. The company already offers tools, tips, and motivation to homeowners (and renters) to keep their homes in shape for free, and a pro version for Realtors to disseminate information in drip campaigns.

The “easy button” for homeowners, reminders included

As reliance on mobile devices rises, it makes sense to meet the consumer where they are, so any minute this weekend, BrightNest will launch their first iPhone app, which they say is “just in time to help people tackle spring cleaning and organizing,” calling the app the “easy button” for homeowners,” as it offers basic maintenance and cleaning tips to home design ideas, all hand picked by BrightNest.

Users can build a schedule, send reminders to themselves through the system, and browse thousands of articles from cleaning tips to money saving tricks. Think of it as a curated, beautiful, browsable version of Pinterest that skips the junk and promotional garbage. All content served to the user is based on the goals they express, be it saving cash or going green, as well as what their home’s unique traits are.

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BrightNest keeps a record of the tasks that users complete on the app and syncs securely with the free web app – creating a helpful record that can be used when it comes time to sell their home.

Update: BrightNest is now available on iTunes.

[pl_carousel name=”BrightNest on iPhone”][pl_carouselimage first=”yes” title=”” imageurl=”” ] Brightnest for iPhone: sneak peek
[/pl_carouselimage] [pl_carouselimage title=”” imageurl=””] Brightnest for iPhone: sneak peek
[/pl_carouselimage] [pl_carouselimage title=”” imageurl=””] Brightnest for iPhone: sneak peek
[/pl_carouselimage] [pl_carouselimage title=”” imageurl=””] Brightnest for iPhone: sneak peek
[/pl_carouselimage] [pl_carouselimage title=”” imageurl=””] Brightnest for iPhone: sneak peek
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  1. As a Realtor, I’m huge fan of Brightnest and share info from their site often. This app makes them over-the-top wonderful!

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