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Cometdocs: converts, stores, transfers file online

April 4, 2013


Cometdocs says they’re a different breed

You’re familiar with file hosting, conversion and transfer sites, but Cometdocs says they’re different for a variety of reasons, primarily because they bring together various services into one place without requiring users to find multiple tools to do the same thing. There is a free version that allows up to 1GB of free storage online, and you can send files that are up to 100MB. The paid versions offer more storage, multiple uploads, and a larger daily upload allowance.

File storage isn’t unique, so we asked Cometdocs what sets them apart, to which they noted:

  • All in one place – Cometdocs is a one-stop, all-encompassing online service for converting, hosting, storing, sharing and transferring documents securely, quickly, accurately and easily. Our team is working towards the goal of becoming one of the best and most unique and useful free document management solutions in the cloud.
  • File Conversion – Users are able to convert documents between popular document formats (PDF, DOC, XLS,PPT) but also between some of the less popular formats (XPS, ODT, AutoCAD, PUB, etc).
  • Sharing options – Users have multiple ways to share their documents and other files. Files can be shared with other Cometdocs users or via a URL with everyone else. Unregistered users can share files anonymously via our Host tab. In that case, links will be valid for 24h.
  • File Transfer – Users can transfer large files to other users via email. All they need to do is upload the files, enter the recipient’s email address and all files will be sent securely.
  • Simple GUI – Cometdocs offers multiple document management tools all in one place with a simplified interface, making the whole process very easy to use and understand.
  • No ads – Our tools have no ads on the download pages or in the document interface whatsoever.

Popular alternatives include Microsoft’s Sky Drive, Google Drive, Wuala, Dropbox, along with others, and ProxToMe just launched to allow you to share files with anyone that is within 250 feet of you. Options like even offer team collaboration on files – storage is no longer just a place to shove files, the industry has blossomed.

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Cloud storage is becoming more and more prominent, and finding suitable options is a smart move for any small business.

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