erli bird

Erli Bird connects early adopters with new startups

March 18, 2013

erli bird

Erli Bird connects early adopters to startups

Erli Bird converts early tech adopters into a viable user base for startups before they spend time on development, giving early stage startups a means to test their ideas and gauge reactions prior to investing time and money in an idea that could flop or succeed wildly – either way, startups will know before they go public.

Helping pre-launch and early-stage startups collect feedback during the development process to improve their products, but also work with startups further along that are focused on growth by connecting products with early adopters and in some cases, influencers.

Startups can limit the number of spots available to early adopters to try out the product, giving an added layer of urgency to adopt, and the platform allows startups to interact with users effectively, speeding up and improving the product cycle.

Erli Bird companies to check out

Early adopters of tech willing to get a first look at a product with the understanding that there will be bugs, and the offering could change simply sign up on Erli Bird and reserve their spot where available.

Below, we’ve outlined seven companies on Erli Bird that are worth checking out and considering reserving a spot.

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1. OpenLabel

“OpenLabel – Help build the “Wikipedia of useful product information” and attach your thoughts right on *their* label”

2. Seer

“Seer – Manage your cloud accounts in one place”

3. Ubooq

“ubooq – Online Appointment Booking Your Clients Will Love”

4. Appraisd

“Appraisd – Easy performance reviews for your team”

5. Printic

“Printic – The best way to print & share your pictures”
earlibird printic

6. Tydy

“Tydy – The Simplest Communication Platform for Teams”

Whether you like to be first at bat with the latest and greatest tools, or you’re considering a startup or moving forward with an idea, Erli Bird is the new tech matchmaker on the block, providing real value for both parties.

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