fotor banner template

Fotor Banner Maker simplifies banner ad creation

April 23, 2013

fotor banner template

Fotor Banner Maker makes it easy

Let’s face it, not everyone is a Photoshop wizard, and not everyone is an artist or a coder with access to sophisticated tools, but as most businesses find themselves with an online presence, the next step for many is to advertise online. It can be confusing for a restaurant manager when a website they want to advertise on sends them a list of numbers and tells them they need art for 728×112. What? That simply pertains to the size of the ad, and as an advertiser, sponsor or supporter, and whether you pay or not, you typically have to come up with the actual banner for the site.

That’s where Fotor Banner Maker comes in – when you need to create a banner ad for your own site or for another site you’ll be featured on or advertising on, simply visit the site and type in the size you need to make. The banner maker opens a very simple editor, and if you can figure out email, you can figure out this easy interface.

There are pre-loaded “buy” buttons, “discount” buttons, and other images, and you can upload your own images from your desktop, Flickr, or even Facebook. Add text and move it around, and decide if you want a solid background, a gradient, a texture, or blank. Fotor Banner maker simplifies banner ad creation, and anyone can do it.

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Ideas for using the banner maker

You already know you could use the tool to help create ads you’ll be placing on blogs, websites, or news sites, but you could also use this tool to create images for your own blog or website. Are you promoting a new service you offer by making sure every one of your website visitors knows? A banner ad on the top or side of your website could help!

Are you sponsoring local happy hours or maybe even co-branding with a peripheral service similar to yours? There are endless ways to promote online, but some people just don’t have the time or staff to come up with a banner ad. As for the end product, that’s for you to create and the quality of the end product is another story for another day, but this is a good starting point for many just looking for a quick tool that is easy to use.

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