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August 21, 2014


ShopSavvy solves a MAJOR pain point

Everyone likes a good sale, but trying to find one when you need it is not always easy. There are so many sites offering coupon codes, percentage off deal for signup, not to mention the influx of emails you receive if you do decide to sign up for any of these deals.

Some people opt to create a seperate email account devoted only to sales ads and newsletters, while others avoid signing up for valuable coupons altogether because they do not want their inbox flooded with multiple updates from multiple stores. Now there is a good alternative to multiple email addresses or inbox flooding.

ShopSavvy is the best known for its barcode scanning and price comparison, but a newly released feature makes it even more practical. ShopSavvy can now save you from inbox overload by eliminating the need to seek out, sign up for, and continually scan your inbox for the latest sales. ShopSavvy will allow you to follow specific brands or items, then alert you when any items go on sale, directly from the ShopSavvy app; no more sales emails cluttering up your inbox.

“People don’t want to sort through emails from 10 or 20 different stores each month to track the products and brands that they are interested in. [ShopSavvy] doesn’t just aggregate deals on the store level but down to the product or SKU level, to help users check for sales and deals, daily. [This] makes it possible for consumers to get the information they want on just the items they want, with all the sales in one place,” according to ShopSavvy CEO, John Boyd. This also means you no longer need a seperate email address for sales, you can get them all in ShopSavvy.

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Save yourself from email hell

This update also brings a new product screen which aggregates local and online prices, alongside reviews videos, tips, and images from over 500,000 retailers. This allows you to get a full picture of each product, as well as comparison shop by swiping left and right through each set of images (iOS only). Whether you use it to compare prices, keep the amount of email you receive down, or just to see what something should cost, ShopSavvy just got a whole lot better. ShopSavvy is available for iOS and Android users as well as from any computer via their website.

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