IFTTT tackles wearable tech with new recipes

August 5, 2014


IFTTT gets all up in your wearables

IFTTT (If This, Then That) one of our favorite web tools ever for making apps “talk” to one another, has recently launched nine new channels, and they are all awesome. IFTTT is the duct tape that connects disparate social networks and digital services together, to do things they cannot do on their own. We have covered several of IFTTT’s updates, but the most recent ones are pretty cool, especially for tech junkies.

The latest innovation is wearable technology; from Fitbit to Android everyone is jumping on the wearable tech band wagon. If you are a lover of Android Wear, IFTTT has you covered.  Android Wear suggests what you need and shows it to you before you even ask for it, but IFTTT can amplify this to make it even more useful. A couple of their recently launched recipes include, getting and email with a map of where you are, alerting you when your calorie goals have not been met, and the ability to follow a friend’s checkins on  Foursquare.

Three of my favorites from the recently launched list are the ability to turn off lights and keep tabs on your favorite surfing spot. The ability to turn off lights, come through a pairing of Android Wear with Philips Hue. All you need to do is enable the recipe, tap a button on Wear and your lights will be toggled. As for the surfing, enable the recipe that pairs with Surfline and you can receive a message when your favorite spot’s ride is over a set height. Awesome.

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With wearable tech innovations on the rise, look to IFTTT to keep expanding their collection of channels and recipes to keep up with growing tech trends. You can find the nine new channels here, which include: Nike+, Square, Pushalot, AppZapp, Saga, Yo, littleBits, and Myfox. This is also a great place to catch new updates as they are posted.

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