Inc seeks to be an alternative to email for your team

August 21, 2013


Inc keeps you and your team organized

Inc is a beautifully designed, distraction free workplace designed for sharing and organizing knowledge. It lets you share links and notes, for the whole company or just your team to view.

You can share relevant industry news and links without filling up inboxes, create a forum for new company ideas and policies, ask questions, keep records of meeting notes, and keep all of this information at-the-ready, so that when a new person joins the team, all they need to do is log in and everything is available to them at-a-glance. You can collect and save information to build your own company library, without wikis. Inc supports Google Apps, Dropbox, Flowdock and Hipchat as well. This offers further integration and better workflow.

Easy to use design

Inc’s minimalist design is its best feature. It is set up as a three panel user interface, which offers familiarity from the start, since most programs are using this same setup. You can also see who has viewed your posts and who has yet to access them with the “seen/unseen” feature.

You can also have discussions and get notifications all in the same place. With the “daily digest” email feature, each day you will receive a compilation of “unseen” content that was shared by your team in a condensed email. This will allow you to catch up quickly, at the end of the day, even if you have been away from your computer. If it’s something you have already viewed, it will be omitted from the email.

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For Mac, iOS and Chrome users

If there is a link embedded in an email, you will be provided with a short summary of the content, as well as any images or videos. This is a nice way to quickly sort through messages and view content in a hurry, saving you from reading an entire email to get to the main idea.

Also, Markdown is supported within the “notes” feature of Inc, allowing you to share notes with the team, without the need for a mass email. And if you need to find the meeting notes you have misplaced, Inc has a full-text search feature to give you access to what you need, when you need it.

There is an app for Mac and iOS users, but there is also a Chrome extension. You can also use the bookmarklet, if you are using a different browser. You can also send links and notes to Inc via email. Inc is $5 per user, per month, or free for up to three users. They are offering a free thirty day trial.

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