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PopUp Play: Kids’ imaginary world bec...

Jan 27, 2016No Comments

Created with the goal of blending children’s “natural attraction to tablets and computers” and stimulating physical offline play, PopUp Play is a smart and fun


DeskGen is a startup that brings DNA editin...

Jan 26, 2016No Comments

DeskGen is the hot new startup that could do for genetics research what the PC did for programming. We’re not saying that dinosaur clones are


So is Google rolling out Penguin or what?!

Jan 26, 20163 Comments

There's been a lot of confusion of late with some Google algorithm changes - is this Penguin, or is it coming soon? Tell us, Google!

net neutrality

Republican’s net neutrality proposal ...

Jan 25, 2016No Comments

There's a new fight on the net neutrality front over classifying ISPs, and early advocates are highly opposed to the newest proposal on the table.


Wiiv: 3D printed, literally-made-just-for-y...

Jan 25, 2016No Comments

BASE by Wiivv is a Canadian bionics company that creates body-perfect insoles that are measured off your smartphone and brought to life through Wiiv’s 3D


Walli: Even wallets are getting the smart t...

Jan 23, 2016No Comments

If you are prone to losing things or forgetting about your possessions, you will love this smart wallet from Walli.


Parknav: real time parking data so you can ...

Jan 23, 2016No Comments

What if there were an app that told you where to find an open parking spot, and gave you driving directions leading you right to


Literally turn your life into a game with t...

Jan 23, 2016No Comments

To-do lists and daily tasks are necessary, but absolutely mundane. A new productivity app, Habitica, aims to shake things up by turning your tasks into


Neuro+: Video games controlled by the brain...

Jan 22, 20166 Comments

The ever-increasing amount of ADHD diagnoses is what lead NEURO+ to create its brain-controlled video games which help children and adults learn to master attention


Hearken reverses the role of public and jou...

Jan 22, 2016No Comments

Hearken invites the public into a new process: The audience fills the pitch-pipeline with story ideas in the form of questions, votes on their favorites

sanebox gmail

SaneBox connects with Gmail to clean your i...

Jan 22, 2016No Comments

Essentially, SaneBox acts as a massive filter for your inbox. By looking at variety of factors including which emails you open, how quickly you open

icitizen app

iCitizen: How one app got a huge room of mi...

Jan 20, 2016No Comments

We millennials are, rightfully, stereotyped as to have our phones glued to our hands 24/7. So, it would only make sense that there is a