PitchIt: host presentations with anyone on any device

February 4, 2014


PitchIt makes meetings, conferences visual and engaging

Trying to coordinate everyone’s schedules for a meeting or conference can be a daunting task. And even then, some attendees need to leave their desks and computers as tasks arise in the office. But what if you could still conduct those meetings without interruption?

PitchIt allows you to host or attend presentations with anyone, anytime and on any device. It works on your smartphone or tablet and is compatible with Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry devices. PitchIt works seamlessly with PowerPoint, Adobe, Keynote and OpenOffice; this means there is no new software to learn. You can use whatever program is your current favorite and PitchIt can upload and share your content with attendees remotely.

Their motto is “show and tell is better than just show” and the ability to present slides to anyone, actively engaging them in your content is better than just telling them about your product or service. Unlike other meeting software that requires 300kbps of bandwidth, PitchIt only needs about 2kbps.

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This means when there is a sudden drop in Internet connection, instead of crashing or freezing, PitchIt continues to work without interruption. You can also host up to 6,000 attendees online, without glitches because of the low bandwidth requirements. You will also be able to speed up your meeting times because there is no software to download and install before attendees join a meeting.

With PitchIt, once you upload your slides, it generates a unique link that you can share with anyone. Attendees will click on the link and enter their display name and enter the meeting; a very simple process for both user and host.

You are in control. Period.

You are in control the slideshow. You can skip over slides, go back to a previous slide by clicking the thumbnails at the bottom of the screen, see who has recently joined the meeting, and even who is paying attention, so that you can redirect their attention to your topic. Also, you have the ability to add a password to protect access to your meeting. Once you end the presentation, it automatically removes access for all attendees, takes your presentation slides offline, and removes them from the system. This enables you to share important, sensitive information, without the fear that it will circulated, which can happen when you email files.

There is also a unique five character code on every meeting link that your callers can enter anywhere on your website to join your meeting instantly; allowing you to turn any inbound call made to you or your call center into a presentation with the power of visuals. If you currently run a helpdesk, think about using PitchIt.

You could create a video presentation of the most common issues and give clients the code to these videos when they call in, allowing them to actually see how to fix the problem. Not only would they be more likely to resolve the problem, but also, it would free up your techs for other issues. This is just one example of how PitchIt could be useful in a business environment for something other than meetings.

While I do not personally use it, I think it is worth a look. Whether you use PitchIt to host or attend meetings, share information, or just to resolve problems; it has the potential to simplify meetings, while keeping attendees engaged with the content.

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