pluto mail

Pluto Mail: unsend emails from your existing account

April 9, 2014

pluto mail

Two Harvard students create a program to unsend emails

How many times have you been working on an email an accidentally hit “send” before you were finished? Or sometimes we send an emotionally fueled email, before we fully think it over and are instantly struck with regret. Now, to Harvard Law students, David Gobaud and Lindsay Lin, have created a platform to allow you to unsend those embarrassing emails.

Pluto mail is a free service that allows you to edit and unsend email messages. You can unsend messages at any time after you have sent them and the recipient will no longer be able to view your message. You can edit a sent email so long as the recipient has not yet opened the message.

It also gives you the ability to set the messages to automatically expire after a specified amount of time, which can begin as soon as the message is sent, or after the recipient opens it. You can also see when the email has been opened with Pluto, as well. Please note however, that unsending and setting expirations does not get rid of the email subject line; only the email body and all attachments.

The best part of using Pluto is that you do not have to sign up for a separate email account; you can use your existing account. Once you sign up with Pluto, you can link your existing account under “settings.”

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Recipients will see that you email came from your current email address, not from And when they reply to your email, their message will come to your existing inbox.

The Pluto server works with any email client that supports sending email through an SMTP server, including: Gmail, Apple mail, iPhone/iPad mail, Android, and Microsoft Outlook.

Recipients do not have to be using Pluto to read the messages you send. There is nothing to download and nothing to install. Just sign up with the Pluto platform and gain control over your email messages, even after you send them.

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