PropClip: bookmarking tool for consumers, brokers

March 13, 2013


PropClip launches for consumers

NorthReal has has launched a new offering called PropClip which allows consumers to bookmark properties and share them with friends and family as they search for their next home. The company adds this tool to their portfolio alongside, which offers a social media dashboard specifically for Realtors.

The company tells AGBeat that the tool allows brokers to customize the app to fit their brand, making it a tool not only for consumers, but helpful for teams of all sizes. The upcoming updates to the newly launched tool will offer more features like a partnership with BlockAvenue to enhance the truly hyperlocal aspect of home shopping.

Besides the look and feel, how does PropClip differ from other bookmarking tools like Nestio or Dwellicious? The company tells us that “although this product is, at its core, a consumer tool we have given brokerages the opportunity to be forward thinking and customize the tool for their brand. From their colors, logos, etc. we enable agents to utilize the tool to be more engaged in their client’s online property search.”

The team adds that PropClip aides in lead generation and referrals, and that with their upcoming partnership with Block Avenue, “not only can potential buyers/renters get real-time data on what its like to live in a particular area, but they’ll also have the ability to interact with their potential neighbors.”

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Going mobile

While the company works on PropClip for iPhone and iPad, it has already launched on Android which allows consumers to not only access and display listings and maps, but can take notes, edit notes, and share listings via mobile.

A large part of finding the perfect apartment or home happens away from your computer. We wanted our users to have PropClip with them every step of the way to help make the process easier. PropClip mobile allows you to directly make notes on-site while touring a property,” said Michael Haddad, Digital Media Director.

Customization, leads, and hyperlocal

PropClip’s Justin Buonamano said, “The customization not only allows agents to become more involved in their current client’s online property search, but it also generates new leads of serious buyers/renters throughout their farm areas. Opening up this unique channel of engagement to their agents will greatly separate our partners from their competition.”

Melki Ko Director of Business Development at BlockAvenue said, “Integrating BlockAvenue’s hyperlocal neighborhood data directly into NorthReal’s apps was a natural fit for us, especially PropClip.”

The company may see some challenge with consumer adoption, as large syndication sites already offer saving, sharing, and notes, but brokerages will likely be the source of pushing adoption, as their ability to customize sets the tool apart, giving brands an opportunity to keep their company top of mind during the search process.

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