Slides says it’s the easiest presentation creator around

May 14, 2013


Slides: beautiful and simple

We get asked somewhat frequently what the best way to create a presentation is – some people still love Power Point, but others opt to seek alternatives. Several presentation apps have been acquired or shuttered, so Slides stands out, proclaiming themselves to be the easiest way to create and share beautiful presentations. And they might be right.

Without having to buy or install any software, Slides works right in your browser and your work is stored securely on their servers, and guess what? If you make a mistake, your change history is saved so you can undo errors.

One of the most helpful options offered is mobile readiness, as presentations can be viewed in any modern browser and mobile device, and touch devices that open your presentation are given a touch-optimized presentation.

Additional features of Slides

“But I need my templates, so I can’t leave Power Point,” your brain is telling you after decades hooked on Power Point. No you don’t, Slides offers themes and transitions that are modern. Key word: modern.

Your presentations are stored as HTML documents, so you can get as customized as you want, and all presentations are private until you publish them, and presentations can be exported so you can work offline, because let’s face it – you don’t always have internet access.

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Presentations generate an embed code that allows you and anyone else to embed your public decks anywhere, helping to spread your message.

Sucking less at presentations

Even when offered minimalist, beautiful themes, some people will abuse Slides and make it look like a drunk cat got a new box of crayons and went to town.

In that spirit, check out this presentation on how to suck less at PowerPoint, and while much of the advice pertains to public speaking, we assert that the tips are still relevant when simply creating content for your blog or marketing materials for your website.

Examples of Slides presentations:

Part of the brilliance is that you can share a URL which renders a full screen presentation. The presentation embedded below can also be found in your browser.

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