spanning stats chrome extension

Spanning Stats: analytics for Google Drive usage

July 5, 2012

spanning stats chrome extension

For the productivity obsessed

If you are obsesses with fine tuning your productivity, or if you just enjoy getting visualizations about your technology usage, and you need more than just statistics on your Gmail account, then the Google Chrome browser extension, Spanning Stats is for you.

Downloading the free app offers you visualization and analytics on your Google Drive (thus, your Google Docs) usage. Gaining insight into your domain’s use of these tools can not only help you to improve your productivity by seeing any potential flaws, but help you to understand how you are using the tool so that you can do more of what is working well.

chrome extension stats

How the data can be used

The creators offer the following questions to reveal what the app can be used to answer:

    • How many files of what types are you storing in Google Drive?
    • How has your use of Google Drive and Docs changed over time?
    • How much of your storage is being consumed by movies, music, and photos?
    • What are the biggest and newest files you’re storing in Google Drive?
    • When during the day are you most actively using Google Drive and Docs?
The developers note that “Google Drive makes it easy to share files, collaborate, and access your stuff from anywhere on any device. But how are you actually using it?” Using the Spanning Stats for Google Drive app can answer all of these questions and at no cost.

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spanning stats app

Nearly every review gives the app a perfect score, with one reviewer said, “This app is awesome!!! It show the stats on your Google drive insanely fast! The animations are fun. The ui is cool and it displays your data of how you use your Google drive space in an easy to understand way. I then tried it on my Google Business Drive account and worked like a charm with a bunch of files.”

spanning stats extension

google drive analytics

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