Todoist app: manage your lists and tasks like a boss

August 8, 2013


Todoist can boost anyone’s productivity

Todoist is a to-list and productivity manager for the web, Android phones and tablets, iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, and Mac OS), Windows, Chrome, Firefox, Outlook, and Thunderbird. It offers offline access with no lags and no wait time, as well as, seamless synchronization across all platforms.

After installing the app, you can sign up with email or a Google account. Then you will see the split screen view of Todoist. On the left, you’ll see your inbox, a view of today’s tasks, and the week ahead, as well as, projects, labels, and filters. You can add a task by tapping the “+” in the top right corner.

Give it a title, a due date, label*, and priority and you are ready to go. You can now see the task in your “inbox.” If you tap on the task, you can mark it as complete, postpone, add notes, or edit it; very similar to many of the other “to-do” apps on the market. There is also the ability to color code projects.

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A real world example

For example, I created a project called, “Household Chores.” I then added a task “organize” and sub-tasks for “bedroom closet,” “bookcase,” and “bathroom cabinet.” You can adjust how your tasks are nested and toggling the arrow will reveal or hide them if your lists get too long.

The user interface is clean and somewhat minimalistic (all that color-coding can take away from it, if you go overboard). It also uses classic tick boxes to let you check off item you have completed, or you can archive them.

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Free vs. Premium

Todoist offers two price points: free and $29/year premium access. Premium access will get you: task search (use keyword search to retrieve what you need instantly), twelve additional colors for color-coding projects, *color-coded labels, task notes and file uploads, task reminders, adding tasks via email, productivity tracking, calendar synchronization, project templates, and automatic backups.

If it sounds like all the cool features are in the premium category, I would say you are correct. I was a little disappointed that you could not get reminders or use the color-coded labels without a premium subscription. There are so many other “to-do” apps on the market; it will be features to compete with the features restrictions currently in place at the free level, but it is pretty affordable, so it is worth checking out.

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