top producer crm

Top Producer CRM integrates Google Drive & Dropbox

February 15, 2013

top producer crm

Top Producer CRM updates technology again

While some aren’t enthusiastic about the customer relationship management (CRM) technology world, but for real estate professionals, it is the backbone of their business, their “backup brain,” as Top Producer CRM calls it. Although the company has been around for quite some time, they piqued our attention when they became the first to develop in HTML5, and have just announced integration of Dropbox and Google Drive to better manage online documents from one place. Reducing how many steps any process takes is the name of the game these days.

In a statement, Top Producer notes, “Often the real estate process starts with an inquiry and then follows a path of collaboration with an agent until the customer closes on a property. In the days after a listing is signed or a contract is written, there are more, not less communications between customer and agents. Because legal and contractual agreements are in play, the communications become detailed and documents become important to track and associate with your client.”

Some are inclined to use electronic signature and document management services specific to real estate, and those can be bulk uploaded to cloud storage, and in addition to contracts, much of the communication process happens before there is ever a contract in play, so many agents rely heavily on storing those communications and documents on Dropbox and Google Drive, the two most popular cloud storage services.

Other updates to Top Producer

The company has also released a new feature to merge duplicate contacts and add action plans from anywhere.

Top Producer says there is now “a simple and powerful duplicate contact check so that you can easily combine contacts without losing any data. We’ve also added the ability to apply action plans from your mobile device allowing you to schedule immediate and meaningful follow-up for all your clients the second you get off the phone with them! Smarter lead alerts help keep you on target to make the right connection at the right time.”

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  1. TP has come a long way from the desktop days. It was a horrible program to try to use. It was like trying to work in DOS. To bad they don’t offer a standalone desktop version. Some of us are cheap and don’t want pay forever for the privilege of accessing out own data.

    There are some features of desktop CRMs that I would not give up. Daylite for instance lets me assign incoming and outgoing email to clients, transactions or both. The emails are stored in the application and accessible via the iOS versions of the app. The other is calendar syncing.

    That said, it is a pleasure to here of real estate software vendor modern enough to code HTML5. It’s unlikely TP will go back to offering a desktop version since monthly subscriptions give them a steady income stream. But it would be nice to have have a choice.

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