Video artfully celebrates 40 years of the cellphone

February 21, 2014

Celebrating four decades of awesome devices

Once upon a time, mobile communication was complicated and big, but has now evolved into tiny computers we all hold in our pockets. The cellphone represents a tremendous evolution of technology and an explosion of adoption in recent years.

Designer Amrit Pal Singh created a brief Art Deco-inspired video to celebrate four decades of cellphones, from the earliest years to the brick phones to the dynamic devices of today, stating that “for some it will be a walk down memory lane, for others a history lesson.”

Some may recognize the voice in the script, which Singh pulled from a 1980s ad for DynaTAC. “At the time,” Singh said, “no one knew how big mobile would become and that this one man’s prophecy would come true.”

Do you remember your first cellphone? Tell us in comments the year and the model of your first, what you’ve had in between, what you have now, and what your favorite cellphone in the last 40 years has been.

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  1. A red car phone 1985. Air time? Very expensive!

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