Wordmark.it previews fonts already on your computer

February 9, 2013

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Wordmark.it speeds up the design process

We all know the pain of trying to select a font for a project, be it as small as a Power Point presentation to as large as a new logo, and whether working with a designer or going solo, we’ve all gone through the obnoxious process of going font by font, trying to remember which one looked acceptable. Enter wordmark.it, a web application and Chrome browser app that previews fonts already on your computer.

“Inspired by the stages of a word-mark design process, wordmark.it approaches the font selection process from a designer’s perspective,” the company explains. “It enables you to quickly browse through font previews, check them out on dark background, switch to title case or upper case previews select the ones you like and compare them for final decision.”

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As outlined above, the free tool tackles one of the most annoying and outdated processes. Simply go to the site, type in a sample phrase, and adjust “positive/negative” wherein positive shows black font on a white background and negative shows white font on a black background. Then, select a font size, which can be made larger or smaller later as you wish, and hit enter.

The tool will then offer a preview of all fonts loaded on your desktop, and clicking the ones you like will allow you to “filter selected” at the top of the page and show only those fonts so you don’t have to write them down, remember them, or tinker with them, and you can see them all side by side to make your choice immediately.

It’s a huge time saver, and is the only app on the market that solves the conundrum of rapidly selecting fonts. If you enjoy typography at all, you’ll find yourself actually playing with wordmark.it for fun. Visit wordmark.it to use the web app, or download the Chrome app below:

wordmark.it chrome

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