Viddy app brings Instagram-like features to mobile video

February 8, 2012

Instagram for video

If you’re a fan of Instagram and how you can basically give your photos an entirely new feeling by using different filters, you’ll love the Viddy mobile app. Viddy is essentially the Instagram of video. Viddy allows you to take 15-second videos of your life and share them with friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or sent directly to their phones. And what’s even better than the simplicity that Viddy offers for your video-creating needs? It’s free.

Using Viddy is easy. Just create an account, and then you can make connections through Facebook, Twitter, or through your phone’s contact list. Once you’ve shot a 15-second video, you can then trim the video, taking the best parts and losing the extra stuff. Once you have your video the way you want it, you can then choose a filter. You can even add transitions and background music in order to create a complete video-licious experience.

Once you’re connected to your friends, you can view their activity feeds and even comment on their videos. It’s like Facebook in that you can “like” things, but purely for self-created mobile videos. If you want to explore outside your bubble of friends, there is an option to view popular or trending videos, so you can find additional connections to add to your Viddy list of friends.

T-Pain invests in Viddy

Viddy was founded and created by Brett O’Brien and JJ Aguhob, and has already gathered quite a following. For starters, T-Pain invested in the project and is currently partnered with Viddy. So, what more can you say than it has the T-pain stamp of approval. Jokes aside, Viddy truly is partnering with some big names—Disney, for instance. Disney and Viddy partnered on the newly-released Muppets movie and Viddy has even created a T-Pain production pack—a set of filters—that can help users create music videos that are T-Pain-esque.

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While there are several other competitors in the mobile video app market, Viddy has a slightly unique approach—making it a completely social experience. It’s not just about creating videos; it’s about sharing them, too. In Viddy’s own words, “Viddy is a simple way for anyone to capture, beautify, and share videos with the world!”

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