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ADJ’s legacy merch will remain on our website, but we’ll soon be partnering with local artists to feature YOUR work and revenue share. We adore Austin (I was born here) and artists (I was raised by one!), and our local print partner – now it’s time to loop YOU in to the fam, whether you’re a graphic designer, artist, or aspiring to do either. You’ll come up with a unique design all about ADJ (bonus points for immature or slightly inappropriate ideas), we’ll print shirts or journals or what have you. Fun!

We don’t believe in design “contest” schemes OR working for “exposure,” y’all.

We deeply respect you, so here is some *transparency* regarding how it works:

(1) Apply to be a partner and share revenues of all merch sold featuring your design. This will be a limited edition run and people will only have a pre-determined amount of time to purchase the collaboration.

(2) Selected partners will connect with ADJ founder, Lani Rosales (that’s me) via Zoom to discuss next steps and go over your idea(s).

(3) We’ll agree to a timeline (faster is better, but I know the speed / cost / quality triangle by heart) and connect after a quick draft to make sure we agree that we’re moving in the right direction. We want to give you as much autonomy as possible while also targeting marketability.

(4) Upon delivery of the final art, ADJ will retain full rights to the artwork, but will agree to never sell anything using the art without sharing revenue as agreed. The reason we ask for the rights is so there are not competing products being sold in the same marketplace. We can always discuss this point if you have an alternative option you’d like for us to consider – we’re just sharing now so it’s not a surprise down the road.

(5) Part of the goal of this project is to expose our audience to ✨art✨, so we will work with you to craft ways for folks to get to know you better – featuring you and your portfolio in ADJ, potentially adding your URL to an insert placed in any merch mailed out, that sort of thing! We don’t just want your art for this project, we want people to buy OTHER art from you, too.

(6) If you don’t have an online store but want to go down that road, we’ve arranged for our local print partner to exclusively help our partner artists to get your online stores set up and marketable and coach you through the process (their upside is that they can print so fricken’ many things for you from little canvases to shirts to hats to playing cards, you name it, and you either work with them to do print on demand, or save a shit ton of money and do a bulk order and handle the packing/mailing process on your own). We can chat about that, too, but the goal is to set you up for success, pal!

If you have questions before applying, DM me on FB or email