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BASHH’s refined sister event

Thousands of people have crossed the threshold into the TheBashh, a big ass social happy hour for social media enthusiasts to meet and connect- consumer to consumer. It’s been a tremendous success over the past five years, and hundreds show up every month to do it all over again. TheBashh typically begins at 7pm and goes on until the lights come on.

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Enter BizBashh – networking for business professionals

This is where we begin connecting business professionals to other pros in Austin in a social way. Tech, Non-Tech, Associations, Non Profits, and others connect and make business happen at BizBashh which is tremendously low key. We’ve secured drink specials for our guests at BizBashh, which is a private event that leads into TheBashh at 7pm – that’s where business stops, the ties come off, and you begin getting to know your users, fans, and consumers.

At BizBashh, business card exchanges are encouraged, as are napkin ideas and simply mingling with your peers. The Brew Exchange has hooked you up with some ridiculously low drink deals during BizBASHH.

  • BizBassh – professional networking 5:30-7pm
  • BASHH – Big ass social happy hour 7pm until mommy says it’s getting dark.

Don’t forget to follow @bizbashh on twitter for updates!

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The Big Ass Social Happy Hour is our monthly networking event offline, and is beloved for being casual and no-pressure. Because we hate smarmy networking events, we built a monthly gathering for like-minded business professionals to mingle without being hard sold anything. It’s well known for being the birthplace of many startups, inspired many partnerships, and endless business opportunities (all over a beer). The American Genius, LLC Copyright © 2005-2022