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TheBashh has always been a free event with advanced negotiated drink specials, freebies, and the like. Over time, thanks to the tanking economy and dismal traffic on 6th street, our goal of helping these small local businesses has become more complicated. Not to mention the growth of the social phenomenon of TheBashh itself has impacted our small business as well forcing us to look for help with continuing a much demanded event.

That being said, we’ve all had to become more creative to put on this social party, and we certainly welcome corporate partners to help in supplementing a major community event – we are Austin, and we support Austin small business, so when you impact our ability to host such a large event, it does not go unnoticed.

If you would like to become part of the family of partners, support your local social community, help Austin’s small businesses then email us at and we’ll happily give you as many details as you wish!


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