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7 tips to successfully crowdsource affordable video projects

(Business Marketing) To expand audiences, companies of all size are tapping into the power of video, and crowdsourcing is one way to save money while still rocking it; here’s how.



The era of quality video

Long ago, we called the death of poor quality flip phone videography, and hailed the rise of technologies that let any size business produce video to be shared online to expand their message to new audiences. In agreement is Poptent is a leading video production and social content marketing platform, connecting top brands and their agencies with more than 70,000 talented independent filmmakers to deliver outstanding video for every channel.

Nick Pahade, CEO of Poptent tells AG, “These days, with the near-prerequisite to include digital, social and mobile components to B2B marketing campaigns, it’s more important than ever to produce high-quality video content to deliver your message in a memorable way.”

“While it’s often a challenge to do that with in-house resources,” Pahade added, “crowdsourcing is a highly affordable alternative. The trick is to find the artistic and technical expertise you need and manage it carefully. Here are seven tips that can help you pull off your crowdsourced video projects without a hitch.”

Pahade offers 7 tips below in his own words that will help you to crowdsource video projects, whether you’re flying solo or work with a team of hundreds.

1. Start with a plan

It’s incredibly important to map your project out from start to finish. Identify how your video will be used (TV broadcast, social media, tradeshow exhibition, etc.) and then set measurable, clear objectives so that you’ll know what success looks like. Videos often serve multiple purposes, but make sure you define your primary goal before you decide which crowdsourcing platform best fits your needs.

2. Choose the right partner

There are a number of ways to put together a crowdsourced team and many platform options, but the most cost-effective method is to partner with a company that specializes in video crowdsourcing. There are a half-dozen or so reputable companies to consider. To make the right selection, consider the type of video you’d like to create, how hands-on you’d like to be in the process and define your creative process preferences and budget.

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3. Know your audience

It’s tempting to try to cast the widest possible net, but to focus your video on generating the best B2B opportunities, it pays to define your audience more narrowly. Envision your target audience member – the business buyer you’d most like to reach. Find out as much as you can about your target, including social media consumption and key influencers. When you have a clear picture of your audience, it’s easier to create an engaging video.

4. Communicate your goals

It’s important to make sure your video partner understands your objectives so that they can match you with the best crew for your project. Outline your challenges and main points. Talk to the creative team, and make sure they thoroughly understand what you need so they can tell your story effectively and engage your audience appropriately. Remember, the video has to have the right focus to generate the results you seek.

5. Get your hands dirty

One of the best ways to ensure the success of your project is to become directly involved in it. Be a part of the process by communicating with your video creators and encouraging them to ask you questions. Oversee the progress of your video at every step along the way, and steer the creators in the right direction, using your special brand expertise to improve the approach and results.

6. Invest in multiple videos

It’s a simple matter of economies of scale – the more videos you purchase, the lower the cost per video. When you’re crowdsourcing a video, you’ll get dozens of concepts, some of which are perfect for the present campaign and others that may be ideal for future communications. As you and your crowdsourced team immerse yourselves in the brand and messaging, you can extend the effort to create additional videos affordably.

7. Have fun with it

What is true for consumer brands is also true on the B2B side: People are more loyal and passionate about brands they like. Creative teams are often most inspired when working on a fun project that they personally enjoy. The viral video phenomenon demonstrates the power of word-of-mouth marketing, and if you can tap into conversations your customers are already having, that can provide powerful insights for your campaign.

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