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CBS Local: what is it and is it for your small business?

Small Medium Business CBS local media ad center

CBS Local has launched a new platform helping busy professionals with buying ads and has made it affordable and as easy as an a la carte menu at your favorite restaurant.

Small Medium Business CBS local media ad center

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CBS Local answers our need for simplicity

Advertising can be a left to the wayside sort of thing for many mom and pop shops. Let’s face it, advertising is a can of worms that many florists, donut makers, Realtors, landscaping company owners, and others just don’t have time to open. It can be confusing, expensive, and quite frankly time consuming, depending on the level of advertising you’re looking to do, and what about the costs associated? Yes, if you’re dropping a sandwich from space, filming it, and running it during the Super Bowl, you’re looking at a mint that many businesses do not have.

Many business owners have one form of advertising or marketing they’ve learned and stick to. Be it coupons in certain circulars, mailers, door-to-door delivery flyers, it’s generally a keep it simple stupid (KISS) approach, but does it grow business? Or does it just acquire customers to replace what you’re losing and just don’t know it?

The answer may escape you

If you’re measuring, it’s a simple answer, but if you’re busy making subs, the answer may escape you, and understandably – we all want the spend and forget approach, and we may have found one multi-pronged approach to your problem and we want to share it with you. It’s called CBS Local, a self-serve advertising tool targeting local businesses with a budget beginning at $250 (about 35k web impressions) that want to advertise across the CBS online network. Want to take it up a notch? Just add a few more dollars. OR how about adding radio and tv spots to supplement?

Obviously, Radio or TV costs will vary at a higher rate depending on the scope of your campaign, but it is a feet wet approach to learning advertising and the lingo, while having an account rep holding your hand and organizing the process – a little less than self-serve, but better than a you’re on your own approach.

Quick and easy

The online ad buy on the Local CBS Network starts at $250.00 as mentioned, and is complete with an online ad builder, and if that’s not good enough, or you’re just the color blind or word salad kind of person, you can buy a consultation with an ad designer (for a small fee) to get really fancy. The point is that it’s all built in and you can be started in a matter of an hour to a few days.

At The American Genius, we’re lucky enough that we don’t have to advertise extensively, however, we’re going to drop a coin or two and give this a whirl as we’ve already walked the steps and feel really at ease in creating a campaign of our own.

Check this out:

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