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Churnspotter is a client retention machine for any size company

Churnspotter has launched in beta to know your customers’ moves and retain them more effectively.



You have the data, now use it

While it sounds like a regurgitated cliché, the idea that the customer is always right has stood the test of time. In the past, it meant customer service with a smile and increase convenience. In an era that is run by big data, that phrase takes on a whole new depth of meaning.

Businesses are now able to gather data on customer purchasing patterns that can enable them to have a better understanding of their customers. In doing so, they can offer product selections based on previous purchasing patterns that fit customer budgets and ultimately sustain relationships with them to improve retention rates.

Churnspotter is a client retention machine

In an increasingly competitive market where ecommerce is becoming more and more prevalent, using big data to improve customer relationships is integral to sustained success. That’s where Churnspotter comes into the fold. Users that take advantage of this app improve their ability to collect and analysis consumer data to predict patterns that let convey where customers stand.

When it comes to the potential of losing a client, Churnspotter’s algorithms can highlight changes in purchasing patterns that may signify a temptation on a customer’s behalf to take their business elsewhere. Seeing this coming allows a business to engage with those at risk customers in order to address and resolve problems that can keep business in the long run.

The cost of obtaining new clients is high

Churnspoter is presently in beta testing, meaning that companies can request early access to incorporate data analysis into their ecommerce strategy.

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Even though it’s an innovative approach, Churnspotter fulfills an age old value; appreciating a customer leaders to better business. For growing companies that don’t possess an abundant pool of long standing customers, keeping a base of loyal clients is imperative to sustained success.

Getting new customers is how a business ultimately grows but gaining more and more business is difficult enough. Potentially losing a customer stymies that growth, making Churnspotter essential for new and old businesses alike.


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Brian Clark is a Staff Writer at The American Genius and The Real Daily. He earned a BA in Political Science from The University of Massachusetts, and works in the legal industry by day while also balancing his writing career.

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