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Comic Sans: defending the most hated font

Comic Sans has become the most hated font in the world, and while any quality designer is allergic to it, one man says it’s not the font’s fault, it’s our fault.

comic sans

comic sans

Defending the Comic Sans font

We’re as shocked as you are that someone made a ten minute video defending Comic Sans, and even more shocked that it was made by Michael Stevens of YouTube channel VSauce fame, as he is known for his high level of intelligence. How could someone defend Comic Sans? Stevens tells the story of the font and how it has come to be so vehemently hated.

In the video A Defense of Comic Sans, Stevens noted that the font is so highly disregarded that it is the second most complained about topic on Twitter, with only Justin Bieber topping the hated font. The only thing complained about more than Justin Bieber, although less than airlines, is Comic Sans, the video notes.

In fact, the font has become so hated that there are websites devoted to “killing” comic sans through a shooting game. Further, it has become so hated that ironically, it is making a comeback. Thanks, hipsters. We blame McSweeney’s for their comedic first person monologue written as Comic Sans.

Stevens says that the font has “amassed a lot of haters, but it was never intended to be used so often or in such inappropriate situations,” like on government signs, Canadian coins, gravestones, and the like. “And so, in reality, the fault may lie with us. The typers.”

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Although Stevens defends the font, not for its beauty but for its history, many sites and editorials are reserved exclusively for the hatred of Comic Sans:

[pl_video type=”youtube” id=”GUCcObwIsOs”]

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