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MailPuppet revs MailChimp to awesome status


(Business Marketing) MailPuppet has launched in private beta to help you visualize your MailChimp campaigns and understand connections better.


Improving your MailChimp account like a boss

Running MailChimp campaigns is one effective way to run an email campaign, but figuring out which campaign is the most effective can be difficult. With MailPuppet, your MailChimp campaign lists become entirely visual. Simply connect your MailChimp account with MailPuppet, and in one click, and you can begin to see your campaigns and their relationships in vivid color. MailPuppet has launched in private beta, which means they are currently in testing, and will likely iterate to include new or different features as they launch to the public.

Instead of reading a list of campaigns on MailChimp, MailPuppet gives you a “map” of their interactions, so you can easily see what is working and what is not. By making your timelines and campaigns visual, you can see which is linked to which, as well as segmentations, and their order. This opens the lines of communication for your team to make improvements on a particular campaign, thereby making it more effective.

This works well because as campaigns are sent through MailChimp, they embed a tiny invisible graphic in the bottom of your HTML email. This graphic is unique to each campaign you send. Each time someone opens your email and views the images within it, that open-tracker graphic is downloaded from their server. Each time it is downloaded, it is counted as an “open” in your reports. MailPuppet picks up on this and makes it visual.

And of course, there is a report overview (#geeky)

It also seems to work by accessing your “report overview” to gather data. Rather than seeing a lists of stats, from campaigns, reports, and autoresponders, you will see a visual map of your MailChimp activity. Typically, this is what you would see if you hovered on “view report” in MailChimp.

MailPuppet does not say, because they are still in beta, but I would imagine for this to work properly “open tracking” would need to be enabled. To do this, or disable it at a later date, head to your “campaign builder” inside of MailChimp, and click “setup.” There you will see the tracking option, so you can enable/disable it as needed.


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