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Marketing copy riddled with errors inspires laughter

marketing errors

Marketing is a tough game, especially when you lack proof reading skills or common sense. These typos are laugh worthy and a great reminder to check your work before it goes live!

marketing copy

Marketing copy errors abound

Hi, Friends. It probably doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone that the blooper reel is back with more gaffes than I have time to tripe. I mean type. Thanks to Jan Pastras and Patrick Martin  of Los Angeles for their very funny (albeit pathetic) blooper submissions. I am beginning to think that proper spelling is hysterectomy…or whatever Siri just thought I said. Enjoy:

That’s Not What I Said

“Jazzmen trees” (That explains why Herbie Hancock is perched in my tree.)

“Enter another wad” (Grinned Brewers outfielder Nyjer Morgan as he shoved the nasty tobacco past his yellowed teeth into his gob.)

“Feed the sand on your feet” (This must be the gourmet version of a sh_t sandwich.)

“Large fester” (Have you tried tetracycline and ProActive?)

“Steelers in kitchen” (Does Pittsburgh know they’re missing?)

Okay, I Said It, But I Didn’t Mean It

“Lots of fresh err” (“To err is human,” said Alexander Pope. “To forgive this idiocy is impossible,” say I.)

“Amazing parting” (Yelled the crowds as Moses took a bow.)

“Strep dawn living room” (Shouldn’t Dawn be under quarantine?)

“Drawing for Lackers tics” (That gaffe could get you a big bag o’ Kobe in your face!)

Am I Mumbling?

“Walk to marinara” (Mumbled Don Corleone as he took away Fredo’s keys to the Caddy.)

“Appliances in stall” (Hmm…I’m not sure how high the demand is for cow milking machines.)

“Sand-blasted gass” (Now THAT’S a serious intestinal problem!)

“Wood tooshes throught” (Who is the designer – Spanks?)

“Good nursing school nearby for kids” (What do they do at recess – play Toss the Enema?)

Siri Must be a Descendant of Freud

“Action set for Sat at noon” (Apparently someone got Viagra in his Christmas stocking.)


That’s it for this week, folks. Remember: spell well and sell!

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