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Men often systemize, women tend to empathize – marketing to both is tough

Research shows that female and male shoppers differ, so appealing to both can be tough since men systemize and women empathize. But it’s possible!

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women empathize, men systemize

Men are from Mars, Women from Venus

I used to work in the nursery at church, with the two and three year old children. Watching them play was always interesting. No matter how hard we tried to put out games and toys that we thought could not be turned into a weapon, the boys still insisted on playing with “guns.” The difference between the boys and girls was evident.

Although your business may have policies against discrimination in place when it comes to hiring and salaries, when you’re marketing to customers, you have to consider who you’re trying to reach. Men and women are usually very different in their approach to shopping, especially when it comes to their online experience.

Men and women often process information very differently

As babies, research shows that girls pay attention to faces and voices. Boys are much more aware of spatial stimuli, such as the movement of a mobile above the crib. The way they look at the world continues throughout childhood as they grow into adults.

Ultimately, research shows that women tend to empathize better, because they look at verbal and non-verbal cues of other people. Men, on the other hand, are typically much better at systemization.

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So, what does this mean for your business?

If your target customer is a man, when it comes to shopping, they want to know you have their item in stock and how long it will take to get it. When looking at a recipe, men want to find the recipe they want quickly.

On the other hand, women tend to enjoy the experience of shopping. It’s more personal and they want to interact with their friends and sale’s associates while shopping. When looking at recipes, women browsed. One study quickly identified the difference with its title – “Men Buy, Women Shop.”

Your site can cater to both genders

Women want information to go along with their purchase like reviews from other shoppers. Men prefer functionality. Your website should reflect the needs of your customers. However, you don’t want to make the mistake of alienating the opposite gender.

Pay attention to who your customer is, but don’t cater specifically to them. It will take time to find that balance, but ultimately your business will benefit by drawing in more customers.


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Dawn Brotherton is a Sr. Staff Writer at The American Genius with an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Central Oklahoma. She is an experienced business writer with over 10 years of experience in SEO and content creation. Since 2017, she has earned $60K+ in grant writing for a local community center, which assists disadvantaged adults in the area.

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