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Moo adds upscale paper products to Luxe line

July 17, 2013

moo luxe

Moo adds to the Luxe line of products

Moo’s Luxe line combines Mohawk Superfine paper with a technology unique to MOO, called Quadplex. Quadplex compresses four layers of paper together, with your choice of color in the center, creating a perfectly unique streak running through the fabric of every card. This creates a pretty effective talking point in and of itself.

MOO states, “With most media trending towards commoditisation, Luxe takes a different approach: the Luxe line has been designed to create first-person impact and a lasting impression; ideal for when a text, ‘bump’, or email just isn’t enough.”

[pl_video type=”youtube” id=”dmmkxfypLf0″]

In our technology-driven world, brand differentiation can make all the difference and high-end products, like the Luxe line of business cards, and newly added mini cards, post cards, and note cards. The Luxe line gives you the feel and look of high fashion for your business. Their cards are much heavier than competitors, bringing your cards to a while new level of excellence. Luxe was designed by our Product Designer Paul Thorogood to be the ultimate conversation starter.

But wait, there’s more

Luxe minicards are great for sharing little snippets of valuable information, especially for coupon vouchers, special offers, or simply for networking. Postcards are ideal for high-end invites or announcements and will complement your business cards and further push your brand name. Notecards are perfect for personal correspondence, thank you notes, or memos.

The Luxe line, “harks back to the good old days of letter writing, calling cards and ‘carriages at midnight’, updated for the internet era and proving that style never goes out of fashion. We hope you like our lovely new products and find time in the near future to enjoy their old school charms.”

If you have been looking for something to differentiate your product from a competitors, take a look at the Luxe line. It could be just what you are looking for.



moo luxe






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