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“Needs a little shitshine” and other hilarious MLS typos

hilarious laughter

(Business News) Typing is difficult, and spell checking is even difficulter… see? These real life marketing typos were discovered in the MLS and are sure to make you feel better about your own simple mistakes.

hilarious laughter

Check yo self before you wreck yo self

Hi, friends – the Blooper Reel is back. No matter how many times I decide to take a vacation from posting, the gaffes on the MLS and in the local real estate ads are just too hysterical to ignore.

Thanks as always for your wonderful contributions – I received some great ones this week from Los Angeles’ very own Jane Peters… Now hold on for the laughter!

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Goin’ South…

“Needs attention for sagging” (Are you referring to my boobs, or Justin Bieber’s pants?)

“Leather-cowered walls” (If you were that cow, you’d be cowering, too, pal.)

“Desirable area near lark” (Whispered the raccoons just before the feathers flew.)

“Powered by Sokar”  (If you’re referring to Russian Vodka shooters, then so am I…)

“The arkitecture will bow your mind'” (Not as much as your spelling does…)

Goin’ rogue…

“Open trough this evening” (The john must be overflowing at Barney’s Beanery again.)

“Great Hollywood hide-out” (That would be great if my buyers were Bonnie and Clyde.)

“Start the year off rite!” (And yet oh so wrong…)

“Trainquil setting” (Your train is on the track, my friend.)

“New rear, new look” (Oh dear Lord-of-Reality-Nightmares – not another Kim Kardashian!)

Goin’  down…

“Wood imported from Brazile”  (Does this mean that Donna Brazile left CNN for a lucrative career in tree sales?)

“We appreceate and look foreward to your referals” (You may be looking for quite some time, dude.)

“View of L.A. bison” (Oh give me a home, where the buffalo roam…)

“Pot plants not to stay” (Well Snoop, I suspect there’s nothing left but soil anyway…)

“Unobstructed view of Dow town” (Whoever has been keeping an eye on Wall Street must have blinked!)

And he’s GONE!

“Just needs a little shitshine” (HAHAHA – I am laughing too hard to respond to this one!!!)

That’s it for this week, folks. Remember: Spell well and sell!

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