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“Park in pot” and other ridiculous marketing bloopers

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Marketing bloopers are nothing new, but even with spell check, professionals still entertain us with ridiculous errors. Enjoy.

marketing bloopers

Marketing bloopers abound

It’s time for marketing bloopers, my friends. Yes, it’s time we start proofreading, using spell-check and avoiding Siri, but then how else could we legally have this much fun?

The MLS and local real estate advertising provided a bumper crop of blunders this week, as submissions from all over the country continued to roll in.  Thanks to Susan McCall of Portland, Patty Da Silva of Davie, Florida and L.A.’s home girl, Jane Peters, for adding to the fun. Enjoy the laughs:

I Feel Your Pain

“Double pane windows have some sensation” (Do they say “ouch”?)

“Lovely home in the moods” (An obvious estrogen deficiency…)

“Drawnig for cruise” (The Scientologists must be trying to wrangle another bride for Tom.)

“Start youre own transitions” (Maybe you should, too… out of real estate.)

“Great trrain for hiking” (Apparently another Amtrak has been de-railed.)

I Get Your Drift

“Do not park in snow drift” (Is this pearl of wisdom something you picked up before or after the twelve-pack?)

“A home for the gyerations” (The family that moves together grooves together.)

“Big pen spaces” (Croaked Kermit to Miss Piggy in his pleas to get her to co-habitate.)

“Park in pot” (Please burn a match if you’re in there too long.)

I Hear Ya, But…

“Needs new elec panel, close to hospital” (That will come in handy when the fire dies down.)

“5 bd – grate for the hole family” (At last, a home for my gophers.)

“Do not open French.” (Okay, I’ll sheath my bayonet and send Pierre back to the cheese factory.)

“Dog will just sit on the coach while showing house” (So the agent is lazy and ugly?)

“See now – Back on marget” (If there’s hair on Marget’s back, I refuse to look.)

I’m Done Here

“Come enjoy mature at its best” (Begged Hugh Hefner to his bride, in a romantic attempt to lure her from her Barbie collection.)

“House beautifully saged” (Welcome to rock-n-roll Laurel Canyon – peace out, dude.)

That’s it for this week, folks. Remember: spell well and sell!

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