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Realtors as catalysts for reviving the neighborhood

We wrote last year about urban planner Candy Chang’s “I wish this was” stickers that New Orleans residences can place on vacated buildings to indicate what they wish was there (a library, a coffee shop, a studio) while building community. Her creativity extends beyond New Orleans, however- it can impact your own neighborhood.

Chang designed “Neighborhood Doorknob Hangers” as a low tech, high impact way for neighbors to become more neighborly, a trait missing in most fast paced metro areas and transient suburbs in modern times.

The doorknob hangers look like this and can be downloaded here:

Why should you as a Realtor care?

Realtors that specialize in a neighborhood already put out pumpkins at Halloween and patriotic flags out in July, so why not something that does more than brand yourself?

Be a community advocate. We encourage you to take the above images as a door hanger template and in small letters at the bottom, write a line like “Doorknob hangers brought to you by your neighbor Joe Realtor with Joe believes in the power of small acts and that a neighborhood can be more than a row of houses.” Your ending can be simple yet explain why a Realtor would be the provider of such hangers.

We believe in bringing people together and as a neighborhood advocate, you have the power to do just this. This is just one of many creative ways of increasing that neighborhood feeling and who knows, maybe it will get the ball rolling to bring about more neighborhood pride? Maybe Jim Jerkneighbor might actually mow his lawn more frequently and Betty Badneighbor might take down her massive collection of lawn fairies when she gets to know her neighbors (who passively tell her how bothersome those stupid things are).

In the Utopia I’m dreaming of, the neighborhood feeling increases neighborhood pride which improves the appearance which can help home values, so Realtors as the catalyst makes perfect sense to me!


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