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Skillary: new presentation tool is easy and gorgeous

skillary presentation tool

(Business Marketing) Skillary is a new presentation tool that does the hard work for you, offering modernized templates and quick setup. Genius!

skillary presentation tool

Need a presentation in 30 minutes or less?

How many times have you sat staring into a blank PowerPoint slide, willing it to become an engaging presentation for clients or team members? Far too many to mention, right?

Skillary is where the art of storytelling meets great presentation templates to turn your ideas into awesome presentations. Skillary completes 70% of the presentation process for you, allowing you to concentrate on the creative part and let them take care of the formatting and routine tasks of planning a presentation.

There are four steps to create a good presentation: structure, scenarios, sketches, and design. Each step takes quite a bit of your time, if you want your presentation to be effective.

With Skillary, they offer a pre-made presentation structure, tailored to your presentation purpose; guidelines and examples to quickly create engaging and persuasive stories; compelling slide templates, guidelines, and examples; and “designed” themes with over 70 to choose, tools, adoptive slides, and a media library you can search and instantly insert items into your presentation. And you will have a completed presentation in thirty minutes or less.

And then, when you’re finished…

Once you have created your presentation, you can review it, or send it to other people for review. You can also convert your presentation to PDF, slideshow, movie, or .pptx formats for easy integration with other programs.

Skillary also has a “rehearsal” mode, so you can run through your presentation before you need it, including Q&A. There is also a pitch simulator to help you sharpen your presentation skills in an interactive manner, by capturing it on the video and reviewing your speech, based on a professional speaker’s checklist.

Whether you’re a startup founder, educator, business trainer, marketer, salesman, or manager, Skillary offers a presentation to help you effectively enhance your idea, while saving you the time and hassle of formatting an entire presentation.

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