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Slide Bureau: industry-specific presentation template boutique

slide bureau

(Business Marketing) Slide Bureau has launched to offer beautifully designed templates with individual professions in mind, adding more every week. What a brilliant concept!

slide bureau

Slide Bureau offers industry-specific templates: genius!

Slide Bureau gives you the look of a professional presentation without the hassle. With over 200 templates you can find one made specifically for your job and if you do not see what you need, you can send Slide Bureau a message and they will add it to their list of upcoming professions to serve.

Each month the design team adds new slides, so you do not have to adapt generic slide templates to meet your needs or pay slide designers to make template for you. The best part about Slide Bureau is that their templates “talk” directly to services like Google Maps, financial services and Twitter, so you no longer need to take screenshots or copy and paste data into your presentations.

When you have finished creating your presentation, you can present to audiences anywhere, in any browser, or on any device; even remotely. This eliminates the painful setup process, screen sharing, and conference glitches.

Something to keep in mind when you are designing your presentation though, is that you cannot move the text around on the individual slide templates, so make sure you select a template with a text style and position that you like.

Also, even though these are templates, you can select a different template for each slide, so you can mix up your styles and colors to keep your presentation engaging and fun. When you are finished, you can save to Dropbox, email the link, or share it on Twitter and Facebook. This allows for easy sharing on-the-go.

When you are in the main screen of your presentation, you will see a “remote” button; if you toggle this on, this allows you to remotely control the presentation of your slides. This is ideal if you want to keep people from skipping ahead as you are presenting. It is also helpful to guide people through the presentation, as educators frequently do for their students.

A visual look at Slide Bureau’s offering

Offering industry-specific templates is a huge time saver for professionals with such different needs, and with their boutique feel, the templates will never remind you of 1997 PowerPoint ugliness – a win for you and your brand. Check out a small selection of their diverse themes below:














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