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Suck, or Blow? 5 Tips to Building a Better Bio

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If those words can be used to describe your bio, read on!

5 tips and a few examples to piece together a better bio.

Your bio is everywhere – on your web site, LinkedIn, Twitter and blog.  Do you nail it?  Does it reflect how you want to be perceived?

Here’s a few tips

1. Have it read like an introduction

Imagine you were about to speak to a group of potential clients and you were introduced with this:

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Robert Smith is a President’s Club agent for xyz Real Estate. He’s been an agent for 13 years.  Visit his site web site at (site name goes here) to see how John Smith can help you buy a home, or sell your home for top dollar.

It’s not horrible, but does anyone care that John Smith is in the President’s Club (or know what that means) or that he’s been on the job for 13 years.

Or, do they want determine if the relate to him enough to potentially use his services when buying or selling a home.  The key is to write your bio along the same manner in which you prefer to be introduced.

Let’s change it up

2. Humor makes you human

“Robert” officially, “Bobby” if you are a close friend or his mother (who apparently loved the Kennedy family since his brother’s name is Jack.)

Lifestyle Matching describes his expertise in the local real estate market in City Name.  His decades-deep market data and experience make him the go-to guy for the media, fellow realtors and people looking to purchase a home.

If you don’t think humor would appeal to your luxury buyer/seller, an option is to have the humor directed away from your own personality:

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For Bob Smith, Lifestyle Matching describes his niche in the local real estate market in City Name.  His decades-deep market data and experience make him the go-to guy for the media, fellow realtors and people looking to purchase a home.

His wife, who prefers a less demanding career, is an attorney, and his 12 year-old daughter, when upset, threatens to become a realtor.

3. Multiple versions suit multiple audiences

You may also consider multiple versions, i.e. a 10-second, an in-depth version and one offered in resume style.  If offered on your web site, provide links to each allowing visitors to choose the format that works best for them.

The 10 second bio:

  • Lifestyle Matching Specialist
  • Decades deep data and experience
  • Sought by media
  • Considered expert by his peers
  • Expert services for buyers of homes

4. Technically speaking

Who says your bio has to be written?  If you want to brand yourself around your technical prowess, why not provide a video introduction, or, build a slide show (a la Animoto) with voiceover narration.

5. You sell real estate, why not yourself?

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It’s doubtful you want to come across as a braggart.  So why not let other people do it for you?  Ask your clients to post an honest review of their experience with you – warts and all.  Remember, it’s more believable if a few bumps in the road are revealed.

Bob Smith is proud to have created raving fans because of his unique Lifestyle Matching approach to the home buying process.

Share some samples!

Add a link to your bio in the feedback section, or share some of your favorites.

Written By

Brandie is an unapologetically candid marketing professional who was recently mentioned on BusinessWeek as a Top Young Female Entrepreneur. She recently co-founded consulting firm MarketingTBD. She's held senior level positions with GE and Fidelity, as well as with entrepreneurial start-ups. Raised by a real estate Broker, Brandie is passionate about real estate and is an avid investor. Follow her on Twitter.



  1. Joe Loomer

    August 28, 2009 at 7:22 am

    I’d post mine, but you’ve made me realize I need to completely re-vamp it (Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery).

    Navy Chief, Navy Pride

  2. Mark Eckenrode

    September 2, 2009 at 6:07 pm

    being that i don’t necessarily want all my social media profiles to be professionally slanted (“this many years epxerience…”, “worked with such-and-such clients…”) i stick to one that builds some interest and hihglights my personality:

    “Mark Eckenrode is a Certified Master of Guerrilla Marketing raised on a healthy diet of punk rock, Pepsi, and comic books.”

    following that i can drop a line or two for the professional slant or simply leave it as is.

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