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Where Are They? Go Find Them!



Where Are People?

Where are the people you enjoy working with? What were your favorite clients like? Most likely you most enjoy working with those who have similar interests and tastes as you. Go find them!

Don’t Ride with the Wind

You have to get out and meet people if you would like to increase your circle of influence. As a military brat, I moved around a lot. If I wanted to meet anyone, I had to suck it up and get at it. It works, just get out there and meet people. It’s not a matter of just sailing along with no direction- then you’ll just have to accept whatever and whoever comes your way. Try to build relationships with people like you! It is much more enjoyable to work with a buyer or seller that share some type of similar interests as you do.

What Floats Your Boat?

There are no rules to say you can’t seek out people to acquaint with that have a common interest. Isn’t it more enjoyable to be around clients you get along with? What is it that you enjoy doing?

  • Is it the latest and greatest in technology or online applications? Find out about the local @tweetups, Social Media Clubs, podcamps, and go!
  • Do you have a classic car in the garage? There are plenty of specialized car clubs, shows, and cruise nights to rev up your engine.
  • Do you like photography? It’s not hard to find a Flickr meetup or local photography club and snap the shutter!
  • Are you someone who adores those four-legged creatures and are most happy with fur in your life? Get involved with the local rescue, SPCA, or Kennel Club.
  • Are you focused on Mommy/Daddy hood? There are a lot of Mommy/Daddy blogger get togethers, PTO/PTA organizations, and kid’s groups you could easily join!

You may end up piloting your own ship if there aren’t any groups that pique your interest….start one!

Where are You Headed?

One thing you should have in mind when reaching out to different groups is that you will get to meet more people. Don’t stick out as “The Token REALTOR®” of the group or the person who is just there for business. Your intentions could very well be discovered. If you are going to get involved and join these groups hoping to sell a house next month – don’t bother going. You have to be smoother than “Hi, nice to meet you. I’m Kim Wood and I am a real estate agent. Speaking of which, do you know of anyone moving in the next three months?” People like to talk about Real Estate; it’s possible to let someone know what you do for a living without being aggressive. “Oh! I’ll be up in North Wales area on Saturday talking to someone about selling their house.”

Cast your Anchor

Once you find a group of people that you enjoy spending time with, cast your anchor. Get involved. Relationships will be made. You might discover some great friends. And guess who the first person is they’ll think of when they want to buy or sell a house? YOU!

Kim resides and works selling Real Estate in Chester County, PA. She is a blogger and also writes for her own blog, West of Philly Burbs and Mothers Fighting for Others. Kim is a Social Networking Junkie and you can connect with her in many places including Twitter, Facebook, or Flickr.

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  1. Heather Elias

    September 30, 2008 at 1:17 pm

    Good advice! Especially about standing out as the token Realtor; I remember someone (Dustin Luther, maybe?) saying at Inman that you don’t just walk into the middle of a crowded room and yell, “hi, I’m a Realtor! Want to sell your house?” =)

    You are definitely a master at going out and finding people to meet!! Congrats on your first AG post!

  2. Mike Lefebvre

    September 30, 2008 at 1:33 pm

    Good post Kim. Congrats on your maiden voyage on AG! A lot of what you are saying runs very parallel to the philosophy of an online training course I am currently taking right now with Jennifer Allan ( Jennifer shares your sentiment of getting yourself out there, meeting people and letting them know who you are with out being “that guy/girl” (hyperlink for previous phrase:

  3. Teresa Boardman

    September 30, 2008 at 2:57 pm

    I have practiced this philosophy for years. it is part of the reason why I resist the traditional Realtor marketing. When I am doing something I love, like writing or photography I meet wonderful people and they become my clients. it is almost effortless. . . and inexpensive

  4. St George Rentals

    September 30, 2008 at 3:15 pm

    This is like the same as the old phrase ” Birds of a feather, flock together”. Generally you do hang out with the people you are most interested in. If you become a people magnet and people like you then it will be much better to attract the type of customers that you would like to do do business with and even work with.

  5. Mark Eckenrode

    September 30, 2008 at 3:38 pm

    for some reason, some folks simply don’t get this concept. glad you do. great post, kim.

    it’s an approach that will win every single time… find an interrelated group of people, seek ways to give first, build genuine relationships, and they will see to it that you succeed.

  6. Mariana Wagner

    September 30, 2008 at 3:45 pm

    Social networking is BEST face-to-face. I love that the Internet has made it easier to befriend people with similar interests … people who you can go hang out with …. OFFline.

  7. Steve Simon

    September 30, 2008 at 4:44 pm

    Play to earn pay!
    Golf, Cards, Motorcycles, Bowling, Marathons, Karate….
    Everything I liked I did; I never worked (well hardly ever); all I did was “Play”.
    I did it for over thirty years in two industries (real estate and insurance)…
    I just used business cards.
    Never with a pitch, just a casual, “In case you need a question answered, or in case you want to get a hold of me for a game…”
    I never gave more than two at a time (giving more devalues your card and name).
    I told them keep one for themselves, and give one to the first person that they know and like that mentions they might need my type of service.
    When I gave them the two cards, I had a pen handy and told them to sign the back of the one they give, so I would know it was their referral and I would be sure to be on my best behavior:)
    Kind of similar to your post’s message:)

  8. Paula Henry

    September 30, 2008 at 5:29 pm

    Kim – Excellent! People do not want to sold by you – they will be sold on you. When they know you, like you and know you care and have passion for what you do -it’s easy.

  9. Rudy from Trulia

    September 30, 2008 at 6:38 pm

    Loving it Kim!

    We’re on the same page. Speaking of engaging like minded people in a group setting, as an example, it’s amazing how many times the topic of real estate has come up in the Parenting and Twin groups my wife and I are part of. I help out as much as I can and it feels good.

    You only get what you give.

    Social Media Guru at Trulia

  10. Missy Caulk

    September 30, 2008 at 6:51 pm

    When you live in a small community like Saline, it is hard to go anywhere you don’t know people. They most always ask, “how’s the market?” Today I went to a Saline Chamber meeting and the whole time it was about the market.

    Many of my anchor people are in my computer. So have to get out now that my kids have graduated.

  11. Matt Wilkins

    September 30, 2008 at 9:42 pm

    Kim: You hit on a point that I believe EVERY new real estate practicioner needs to learn early on as many become enthralled in spending large sums on money on marketing systems that provide mixed results. I know this from other agents who got into the business at the same time I did and using these systems had great initial results but are now struggling, bankrupt, or out of the business.

    What you described above has personally worked or me as my last two deals and a closing that I have on Thursday were either from my sphere of influence or a referral from one of those past clients. Not being “in your face” about my occupation along with a more consultant mindset really helps with conversation that do come up when I’m socializing with poeple I know.

    CHEERS to a great first post and hopefully many more from you.

  12. Jennifer Wilson - Agent Solutions

    September 30, 2008 at 11:10 pm

    Hey Kim!

    Wicked post. You have certainly given me the kick in the pants that I needed here. Thanks! 😉

    I live in a big city and there are no excuses for not getting out and meeting people. I think I’m ready to step a little bit out of my comfort zone (away from the computer) and get some face time in.

    I can’t wait to read your next posts. Keep ’em coming.

  13. Kim Wood

    September 30, 2008 at 11:41 pm

    Exactly, we don’t want to be “that guy!”. I’m glad the first post is over 🙂 Now I can just blog and be me – happy camper I am.

    Yes! Done the maiden voyage – you caught on, lol. I’ve read some of Jennifer’s ideas on AR before. LOL – watched video after I wrote Heather’s comment above re: that guy !

    Effortless, inexpensive, and full of fun!

    St George Rentals,
    That was exactly my point! Yay !

    As long as you aren’t there just to sell – you have it made!

    I’ve found that developing relationships online has been a great thing – you tend to share deeper thoughts that when you do face 2 face. But….. it’s been wonderful meeting so many people !!

    Love the idea of the “… get a hold of me for a game” that’s great!

  14. Kim Wood

    September 30, 2008 at 11:46 pm

    There ya go! Not sold by you – sold on you!

    Real Estate seems like the easiest and most popular thing that people want to talk about. Whether Parenting & Twins group, car club, photo class, wherever… it’s good we can embrace the common topics – and run ! Yeah, I think we know we’re on the same page, huh ?

    Sometimes it is hard to break out – but we must – we must!

    Thank you!!! You are a perfect example of this then – if you had the other agent using traditional marketing and you were using the inet ! (Congrats of those closings too!)

    Glad I could help! You’ll have to tell me what group you chose to reach out to – there are *so* many!!!

  15. Danilo Bogdanovic

    October 1, 2008 at 11:57 am

    You mean I can’t just walk into a room of strangers and say “HEY! I’M A REALTOR! NOW’S A GOOD TIME TO BUY!”? lol

    Great advice though it’s sad that you actually have to say it (you’d figure people would already know). And, even more sad, some people *still* won’t get it.

  16. Cyndee Haydon

    October 1, 2008 at 10:13 pm

    Kim – I am also reading Jennifer Allen’s new book and you are right on and knocking it out of the park. I find my life is so much more fun now because we’re only involved with the things we’re passionate about – then it’s not like work 🙂 Looking forward to your next article.

  17. Bill Lublin

    October 5, 2008 at 8:19 pm

    Kim; You make a great point – if you chase dollars, you chase people away- Its really easy for people to know when someone is sincere in their desire to establish a relationship – and just as easy for them to avoid being used by someone who sees them as a meal ticket –
    Great job!

  18. Gerry (RealtyMan) Bourgeois

    October 5, 2008 at 11:37 pm

    My theory, simply put: Real Estate has always been about contacts – and always will be. Every 5 years or so, we seem to just stuff contacting our contacts into a new technology.

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Google Analytics will now filter out bot traffic

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In the competitive, busy world of online content, Google Analytics can help businesses and online publications deliver what their audience and consumers want. Now Google is finally taking the step of filtering out bot traffic in your Google Analytics reporting. This is excellent news!

In the world of websites, online news sites, blogs, and social media, bots are the bane of our existence. In their finest form, they are the electronic equivalent of junk mail. At their worst, they can carry malicious malware and viruses to your site and computer. They can even flood the internet with unfounded rumors that can have an impact on people’s opinions–stirring the political pot or lending misleading numbers to drive unfounded rumors, such as wearing a mask is dangerous. No it’s not! Chalk that nonsense up to bots and crackpots.

For businesses that rely on Google Analytics to determine what content is not only reaching but also resonating with potential customers, filtering out the bot traffic is crucial to determining the best course of action. Bots skew the data and therefore, end up costing businesses money.

Bots set up for malicious purposes crawl the internet looking for certain information or user behaviors. Bad bots can steal copyrighted content and give it to a competitor. Having identical copies on two sites hurts your site and can dink your SEO ranking. However, good bots can seek out duplicate content and other copyright infringements, so the original content creator can report them.

However, it is important for companies and content creators to know if their content is actually reaching real live humans. To this end, Google will start filtering out bot traffic automatically. The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) actually provides an International Spiders and Bots list, through which Google can more easily identify bots. They use the list and their own internal research to seek out bots in action, crawling through the internet and confusing things.

Google says the bot traffic will be automatically filtered out of the Google Analytics results–users don’t have the choice. Some may argue there is a good reason to see all of the data, including bots. Many businesses and online publications, though, will be relieved to have a much clearer vision of what content genuinely appeals to humans, to readers and potential customers. It is a welcomed advancement.

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Opportunity Zones are a beautiful mechanism for growing communities that are struggling, but some critics have put this process in a negative light. The following is an expert’s perspective on just this topic.

Jim White, PhD is Chairman and CEO of Post Harvest Technologies, Inc. and Growers Ice Company, Inc., Founder and CEO of PHT Opportunity Fund LP, and Founder and President of JL White International, LLC. His new book is a heartfelt rallying cry for investors: Opportunity Investing: How to Revitalize Urban and Rural Communities with Opportunity Funds, launched March 31, 2020.

Dr. White holds a B.S. in civil engineering, an MBA, and a doctorate in psychology and organizational behavior. He acquires struggling businesses to revive and develop them into profitable enterprises using his business turnaround strategy.

In his own words below:


Every investment vehicle has a twist some folks don’t like. Real estate, stock options, offshore tax havens, and even charitable gifting can be criticized for certain loopholes.

Likewise, some detractors have pointed to opportunity zones, a newer investment vehicle unveiled in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passed by Congress in December 2017. This bold, bipartisan plan allows for private investment capital to be channeled into some of the most distressed communities in the nation, serving the struggling residents and the investors alike.

Personally, I believe it is one of the noblest initiatives to emerge from Washington in years.

I grew up in a sharecropper cabin in what would have been an opportunity zone in Salem, South Carolina. What would an influx of investment dollars have meant to my low-income community? More and better-paying jobs to offset unemployment. People relocating to my town for those jobs, reversing population decline and increasing real estate values. New life breathed into local businesses. The increased tax revenues could have helped improve failing infrastructure. Social challenges, like crime and drug use, could have decreased. Better resources for my family and our neighbors, such as health care and education, would have emerged.

Today, there are nearly 8,800 distressed communities dotting the country that have been identified as Qualified Opportunity Zones (QOZs). These neighborhoods were designated from census tracks, treasury, and state leaders as communities that would benefit from an influx of investment dollars directed through Qualified Opportunity Funds (QOFs) to reinvigorate businesses, rebuild infrastructure and bolster residents.

As our economy continues to falter, more and more businesses file Chapter 11 and unemployment soars under COVID-19, I believe we are heading toward a painful expansion in designated opportunity zones. Even with the latest round of CARES stimulus money many people will have no way to rebound from this crisis.

One of the unexpected consequences of the coronavirus quarantine is that many businesses are discovering that, in reality, they can succeed through working remotely. This success is a double edged sword, meaning that if a business can thrive with employees working offsite then commercial real estate will suffer. And when companies no longer require brick-and-mortar locations, a local domino effect ensues; ancillary businesses, from cafés to gyms to print shops in and around a commercial office environment will subsequently close. The ripples will be felt through many other industries, including construction, transportation, energy, and retail.

Qualified Opportunity Zones and Qualified Opportunity Funds are instruments that can help stop a downward spiral. When a sponsor is able to present a project that meets the objectives of the QOZ initiative, both the QOZ and the investors benefit. That’s a win!

And, it’s not only urban centers that benefit from investment dollars. Forty percent of opportunity zones are rural. Even with often plentiful food, water, energy and other natural resources, deep poverty exists, and too many of America’s 60 million rural residents lack access to education and healthcare. A declining population often goes hand in hand with failing infrastructure as tax money for repairs dwindles. Many households lack broadband, something the vast majority of Americans take for granted.

Despite the challenges, rural residents are often surprisingly resilient and resourceful. According to The Hill (“Rural America has opportunity zones too”), rural residents create self-employment opportunities at a slightly higher rate than the national average. Their challenge is to connect with investors and access funding, more of which is directed to small business investment on the coasts.

In fact, many entrepreneurs and small business owners don’t know about Qualified Opportunity Funds. If a business is located in an opportunity zone it is eligible for direct funding by reaching out to the QOFs with a specific request for funding.

More than any investment plan that’s come before, I believe opportunity zones have the greatest capacity for positive social and economic impact. Spread out over many communities, these investments can help our nation flourish as a whole.

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Gloves that translate sign language in real time

(BUSINESS MARKETING) A new wearable tech translates American Sign Language into audible English in real time.



Advancements in technology never cease to amaze. The same is true right this moment as a new technology has been released that helps translate American Sign Language (ASL) signs into spoken English in real time.

This technology comes in the form of a hand glove – similar looking on the front side to what one would wear in the winter, but much more advanced when in view of the palm. The palm side of the glove contains sensors on the wearer to identify each word, phrase, or letter that they form via ASL, and is then translated into audible English via an app that coincides with the glove.

This is all done in real time and allows for instant communication without the need for a human translator. The signals are translated at a rate of one word per second.

The project was developed by scientists at UCLA. “Our hope is that this opens up an easy way for people who use sign language to communicate directly with non-signers without needing someone else to translate for them,” said lead researcher Jun Chen.

The hope is to make communication easier for those who rely on ASL, and to help those unfamiliar with ASL adapt to the signs. It is thought that between 250,000 and 500,000 people in the United States use ASL. As of now, the glove does not translate British Sign Language – the other form a sign language that utilizes English.

According to CNN, the researchers also added adhesive sensors to the faces of people used to test the device — between their eyebrows and on one side of their mouths — to capture facial expressions that are a part of American Sign Language. However, this facet of the technology is not loved by all.

“The tech is redundant because deaf signers already make extensive use of text-to-speech or text translation software on their phones, or simply write with pen and paper, or even gesture clearly,” said Gabrielle Hodge, a deaf post-doctoral researcher from the Deafness Cognition and Language Research Centre (DCAL) at University College London. “There is nothing wrong with these forms of communication.”

What are your thoughts on this advancement? Comment below!

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