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3 ways Realtors can stay organized

organization methods

Keeping organized isn’t always about how clean your office is – it can involve your technologies as well.

organization methods
As a REALTOR®, you often have (or feel like you have) a million and one things coming at you. So naturally, you’d like to be more organized and proactive. In this article I’ll show you three things you can do to become more organized and in-control.

Keep a consolidated contact database

When client and prospect contact information is scattered across multiple places (an iPhone, an Excel spreadsheet, and pieces of scrap paper, for example), organization becomes anything but easy. That’s why it’s vital to have one consolidated database to store and manage your contacts and information about them, such as their email address, phone numbers, interests, spouse information, and birthdates.

When we forget or loose important information about our clients, which is often the case when we don’t have a consolidated contact database, we not only look highly unprofessional in their eyes but we also lose out on thousands of dollars worth of potential business.

Effectively manage your active business

When I refer to “active business,” I’m referring to buyers and sellers you’re currently working with, either to list their home or to help buy a new home. It’s important to have one place you can go to view all your current listings and their details/ status as well as all your active buyers and what each of their requirements are. Most of us don’t have a memory like an elephant which is why having this consolidated view of active business is so important.

If the system you’re using lets you quickly and easily generate a service report, record listing notes, and schedule listing reminders, this is an added plus that will work wonders for increasing your organization.

Track communication history and “keep in touch” activities

Wouldn’t it be nice to promptly pull up your communication history for a client or prospect before giving them a call so you’re aware of what you spoke about with them last and have something relevant to begin the conversation with? This is easy when you track communication history.

Moreover, we need to track “keep in touch” activities which consist of anything we do to stay in touch with our contacts. Keep in touch activities can range from a phone call to a round of golf to a client appreciation event to a drip email campaign. As a Realtor, you likely know how important keeping in touch is in building a business based on referrals and repeat client transactions. In order to stay top of mind with our clients effectively, we need to know how many times we’re reaching out to them and be able to plan keep in touch initiatives effectively.

The takeaway

If you implement the suggestions in this article, you’ll surely be more organized, but you may be wondering how this all comes together. With a real estate contact management system, you can keep a consolidated database, manage your active business, and track communication history and keep in touch activities in one place. Think of your real estate contact management system as software you use to manage and organize your entire business. In no time, you’ll be on the path to an improving your organizational skills three fold.


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