Kanban2go simplifies task lists, now in open beta

kanban2go streamlines your to do lists

Task list managers are a dime a dozen, but when is free, requires no download, and has literally no learning curve, we pay attention. At AGBeat, we organize and host dozens of events, both professional and social, and on top of that, some of our team is located over 3,000 miles apart, so when we got a private demo of kanban2go late last year, our interest was piqued.

Kanban2go is the brainchild of Prabhakar Gopalan who works in corporate strategy at Dell in Austin, advising on software, cloud computing and mergers & acquisitions. The first thing that most will notice about the product is that it works on your desktop, tablet and phone seamlessly and quickly, simply through a browser.

Super duper easy

The tool is perfect for team tasks and unlike detailed project management tools, there is no tech savviness required – if you know how to work a mouse (or use your finger on a tablet), you’re in. You can add several boards, so you can set up separate board for your office staff, one for your family, one for a happy hour you are organizing, and one for yourself for daily tasks. Boards can be shared through email and even Twitter and all tasks can be moved and notes added by whomever you invite, all they have to do is pick a username and password and they are in.

Kanban2go syncs with GCal, iCal, Outlook and Evernote to help collaboration, so that more than one person can access your lists and everyone can be on the same page without having to learn a new technology. What is most appealing about the tool is the simple drag and drop technology, along with the ability for anyone to pick it up and intuitively understand it.

The tool is finally in open beta, so anyone can use kanban2go for free right now to get organized no matter what device you prefer.


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