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Enstitute: legitimate alternative to a college degree?


(Business News) Enstitute has launched based on the premise that learning by doing is more valuable than learning via lecture.


Real-world learning, no classroom required

Enstitute is turning the world of academics on its head. So many times college students struggle in their academic fields, not because they are not qualified, or intelligent; but rather, because they are not learning what they thought they would, or the tuition costs are simply too high.

Enstitute aims to help remedy this situation by offering students a one or two year paid, full-time apprenticeship, at high growth startups, small businesses, and corporations around the country to better prepare them for the workforce and help accelerate their careers.

Students spend Monday through Friday on their apprenticeship job, learning their skills in the fields of technology, business, or design. They will be working at high growth companies under founders or C-Level executives. Students also supplement their apprenticeships with online curriculum; focusing on skill, competency, and personal development. They will also attend weekly community and networking events.

A great opportunity for businesses

This is a great opportunity for businesses as well. Not only are you sharing your experience with an up-and-comer, and helping to shape their future and experiences; you are receiving a valuable team member to add to your company. Potential apprentices are selected from across the country and then filtered down to the top 20% of candidates.

Enstitute then identifies the top five candidates who best fit your company. You can then review the candidates, ensuring that you get an apprentice you will love and will shine with your company. By the end of the first pilot program, 70% of Enstitute apprentices had been offered preliminary full-time offers with permanent positions. Meaning, 70% of employers were happy enough with their apprentices to offer them full-time jobs.

Enstitute is currently expanding in to the Washington, D.C area and hope to expand in the Los Angeles, St. Louis, and Boston areas. They are currently operating in New York.

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