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What it’s like to work at Tableau: Live chat with an insider

(BUSINESS) Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work at a tech company, or maybe Tableau specifically? We ask an insider.

Ever wonder what it’s like?

Have you considered working at a tech company but aren’t sure if it’s like the movies and HBO portray it? Or maybe you’re considering working at another company, and data visualization company, Tableau keeps coming up and you want to know what it’s actually like once you’re on the inside?

To give you all of these answers, we’re asking an insider, and you get to join us live to ask questions yourself! Tableau is headquartered in Seattle, with offices all around the globe, but what’s it like on your first day? What perks are offered? What is the culture like?

In the below AMA (Ask Me Anything), we chat with our friend Vickie Flaugher who is part of the Tableau team, and isn’t sent by the higher ups to spin, no, she’s going to speak honestly and openly about what it’s like. We’re excited to learn what goes on in the halls of Tableau, join us!

Tune in here on July 21st

We invite you to tune in and ask your own questions below on July 21st at 11am cst. #WILT

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