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The USU is garage storage for OCD urban dweller

urban storage unit

(Business News) Launched in Austin, the Urban Storage Unit (USU) could change developers’ offerings in coming years, both commercial and residential.

urban storage unit

Storage for the OCD urban dwellers

We all have junk we have to keep in our garages, whether we live in a condo or on a ranch. Garages across the nation are filled with old paint cans, random auto fluids, holiday decorations, cords, old boxes, sports equipment, and so on. Those of us that have garages are grateful to have them, in fact, it has become a suburban tradition to use them as storage units.

But what do you do if you live in an urban area where you have a parking space in a garage? There isn’t exactly a place on the wall that you can hammer in some shelves, and there’s no space to add storage unless you’re sporting a tiny smart car that leaves extra space at the front of the bay.

Enter The USU, said “oooh-sue,” an elevated storage unit (pictured above) which fits within the existing confines of a standard parking space, designed to utilize the wasted space over a car’s hood.

The company says their patent pending storage solution “is the only product of it’s kind, it is totally unique and was specifically designed for the urban residential parking garage market.”

They have recently launched in the Austin TX market, where they are headquartered, and are already featured in parking spots in The Austonian, The Four Seasons, The W, Spring Condominium, The Shore, BartonPlace Condominium, and Park West Residences.

We see this product appealing to developers of commercial and residential properties alike, especially in cities like San Francisco and New York City where space is at a premium, and areas where condos and retail are prominent. The vacation industry could very easily catch on to the USU as well, offering visitors a place to keep their outdoor gear while lodging.

urban storage unit

usu storage



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