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Rentenna launches Green Score for every NYC...

Oct 01, 2013No Comments

Already scoring apartments for dozens of metrics, Rentenna has added a Green Score for every apartment, so renters know how close they are to parks


Nestio raises $1.5 million to improve renta...

Jul 09, 20131 Comment

Nestio has announced a large round of funding that the company will use to expand their offering and hire more talent.


Rentenna tells renters where not to live in...

Jul 06, 20132 Comments

Rentenna has launched a Complaint Score in NYC and hopefully soon to other cities, indicating where renters should NOT live, a major twist on apartment


Nestio Listings says it’s the first r...

Jun 19, 20131 Comment

Nestio Listings has launched after testing for nearly six months in secret, aiming to solve some of the rental industries' top pain points.


Rentenna launches new interface, adds new f...

Dec 05, 20121 Comment

NYC startup, Rentenna launched last year to give every rental unit in the city a score, and has now launched a new interface as they


Doorsteps: real estate technology startup l...

Nov 14, 2012No Comments

After a frustrating home buying experience with a "broken" process, but a great agent, a New York woman set out to fix the process. The

superstorm sandy before and after

SpareRoom connects Superstorm Sandy victims...

Nov 12, 2012No Comments

With no self-congratulatory press release, SpareRoom is waiving fees to match roommates in the wake of Superstorm Sandy, especially as so many are not being

Docracy legal documents

Docracy: making legal document sharing free...

Jul 23, 2012No Comments

Legal documents can be hard to find and vet online, but a new startup seeks to make it free and easy for everyone.

multiple languages

Make your website multilingual for free, no...

Jul 18, 20121 Comment

Show your ability and willingness to understand your consumer and your preparedness to overcome any obstacle, including language.


Is outrage over’s new design m...

May 29, 20122 Comments

URL shortener, bitly launched new features and a completely new look today, and a group of users flocked to Twitter to express their criticism, but


Condo Buyer Cloud innovates real estate sea...

May 14, 20121 Comment

Real estate search innovation is relatively stale, but with one Realtor's vision to commoditize condo listings and share financial information on them like stocks, search


Could a New York startup displace the socia...

Mar 03, 201259 Comments

Professionals are challenged with learning new social media tools and are even more challenged by wading through so-called social media gurus and their claims of