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RentScoper adds Yelp reviews of surrounding...

Jun 18, 2012No Comments

RentScoper has emphasized surrounding areas in making a real estate decision, so their adding Yelp reviews makes perfect sense.


HouseFix launches fresh site, new features

Jan 11, 201216 Comments

HouseFix, the CarFax for homes Named in the 60 Genius Brands to watch in 2012 list, is already making moves just days into the


Smarter Agent suing more companies over mob...

Oct 10, 201126 Comments

Smarter Agent filing another round of lawsuits Smarter Agent was named a “Genius 30” game changer last year for their power grab like none seen


Could HouseFix become the CarFax of homes? ...

Sep 19, 201151 Comments

HouseFix launches to mixed reviews As illustrated above, aims to bring social recommendations to the home repair industry, giving homeowners a place to opine

Inhabi matches renters and landlords eHarmo...

Sep 15, 201111 Comments

Landlords and renters, sittin’ in a tree… just launched in beta in Portland and Boise, and they call themselves the eHarmony for renters and