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Move, Inc. acquires TigerLead for $22M

Sep 04, 20125 Comments

Putting them one step closer to being a one-stop shop for American Realtors, Move, Inc. has acquired TigerLead, filling in most of their offering's gaps.


Flipboard’s success as emblematic of ...

Aug 30, 20123 Comments

Years ago, a website with a wall of words was an expected, acceptable form of pitching products and services, but tools like Pinterest and Flipboard


Timewiki acquired by OverBlog to add timeli...

Jan 26, 201216 Comments

One timeline for RSS, Facebook and Twitter Last fall, we introduced you to timewiki which presents Twitter, Facebook and RSS (blog) entries chronologically with photos appearing


Rentmix aggregates various short term housi...

Dec 04, 201126 Comments launches to improve rental search “Our goal is to be the Google of vacation rentals: fast, simple, elegant,” says the team. By now,


Spaces App – connect with people arou...

Nov 12, 20117 Comments

Connecting in a new way Connecting with people across the world is easier now than it has ever been previously. The obvious reason for this


New Google Calendar feature puts everyone o...

Nov 05, 201116 Comments

Major business challenge Anyone who has ever tried to arrange a meeting between multiple parties knows that it can feel a lot like tearing your


Can email actually be turned into a game? H...

Nov 05, 20113 Comments

Earn points for checking your email As a business professional, you probably get a lot of emails. Whether you check them as they come in


Google+ now fully integrated into YouTube a...

Nov 04, 201127 Comments

New Google+ features in YouTube We recently reported that web video was experiencing a meteoric rise, seeing nearly seven billion video views in August alone,


New version of Google+ for Android launched...

Nov 02, 20117 Comments

Complete overhaul of mobile G+ Google has announced a complete overhaul of Google+ for Android devices, working “closely” with the Android team during the creation


Google continues to unleash their designers...

Nov 01, 201112 Comments

The new Gmail On the heels of Google Reader’s redesign is Gmail’s makeover in an overall effort to streamline and make consistent all Google products’


Google Reader gets a makeover, now integrat...

Nov 01, 201113 Comments

Big changes to Google Reader With the launch of Google’s new social network, Google+, the ecosystem at Google has changed to integrate and streamline all


BrightNest sets out to redefine home mainte...

Nov 01, 20119 Comments

BrightNest launches to serve the home maintenance arena in a creative, but more importantly, a useful way for homeowners. Let the fixing and upgrading begin!